Monthly Archive: October 2013

AWeber Auto Responder Review

So, if you notice, I’ve added an AWeber contact form to the sidebar over there. –> You might have to scroll, it’s just below the fold. (UPDATE: has since been removed.) Since I’m paying for it (thanks to that affiliate marketing thing, the review of which is coming out TODAY!), I figured I might as well use it. I am NOT a fan of the list. Nearly everyone in Internet…
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Tom Ness’ Rapid Affiliate System Review

This is the long-awaited review of the affiliate product that I bought and have talked about in several recent posts. * NOTE * This system is NOT for sale here, and this is not a sales post. It is strictly a review. Intro and Initial Impressions The title of the Warrior Special Offer jumped from the forum. It read:  “[TESTIMONIAL PROOF] Super Simple System Forces You to Make Your First…
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I Hate Canned Email

You know the kind? The 20 emails someone wrote 9 months ago or had written that are automatically sent to you when you sign up at their site to receive some free something? Yeah, I hate those. Basically, you just opted in to be spammed however often they fancy for a free product that is probably sitting unread on your hard drive. These emails seem to be the industry standard….
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Future Posts Brainstorm

Last Updated: 6/16/2016 I promised a preview of what’s to come. Either you’ll want to hang around or this will be blog suicide. I don’t know. This list will eventually become links as I write. Also note, everything on this list may not get written. Comment below with what you want to see most! Got a couple of new things for you. First off, you can subscribe to Stacking Benjamins…
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I’m Not a Writer, How Can I Create Ebooks?

It kinda seems like Internet Marketing revolves A LOT around content creation. I would imagine this has thwarted many a hopeful marketer, but don’t let it stop you! Conveniently, I can write, and I have a background in graphics. These are both good things when it comes to creating websites, AND digital products. Now, my sites might not look perfect, BUT they don’t look they were built in 2002 with…
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Associate Goliath Plug-In Review

So, I reviewed the theme I bought to use with this plug-in yesterday HERE. As I stated in that post, I bought the ZonMagic theme only to realize later that I needed a plug-in to make it work as advertised. Naturally, I went for the cheapest option which was Associated Goliath. I believe it cost me about $27. *SIDENOTE* I have not used this plug-in without this theme, so as…
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The Lie: I Answer My Emails Personally

Alright, I hate to keep droning on about this one product, but I haven’t been suckered into buying anything else. My goal in this whole marketing thing is to NOT be another marketer who becomes successful and disappears into my monetized oblivion. I want to make sure that I keep my word in ALL things. So, I bought this affiliate marketing product, and the author said that he answers his…
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