29 Ways to Make Money Online Right Now

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Out of beer and broke? No coffee? WHAT!?! You need money, and you need it right now. You are desperate, and you’ve turned to the Internet.

Go grab a beverage. Get a snack. Play some nice music. Do whatever it is you do to get in your zone because this is the post you have been waiting for.

Oh, and get a notepad or something to take notes with because you’ll want to write down which of these methods you want to try.
Before I jump into the list, I’m going to make the first suggestion. If you can provide a digital service of any kind or a tangible product you are willing to sell for 5 bucks a pop, START WITH FIVERR.
Buy a good guide book, and start posting gigs RIGHT NOW. I have a book suggestion for well under 5 bucks that will get your started off like a champ. Go to Fiverr.com and check out the other gigs there. Offer more value or offer something that’s not there and prepare to get paid. I have made money there. You can read about super sellers making bank $5 at a time. Google it. The trick is to offer something that doesn’t take you a ton of time. If it takes an hour, that’s too long because you’re only making about $4 (after Fiverr takes their cut) per hour. The more you can provide in the least amount of time, the more you will make.


  1. Craiglist Gigs — Check out the local Gigs section on your area Craigslist page. They have everything from computer related work to manual labor to events. *Be careful! Craigslist is a haven for scammers and bad people. Not everyone, but know what you’re looking at.
  2. Offer Services — Online and offline. Whatever you can do, find a place to offer it, and follow through. Fiverr is good, and there also a few tips on how to market an offline service in this post.
  3. eBay — Sell some stuff. It can be anything from clothing to cars. If you don’t need it or use it, get rid of it. Check out the Want It Now section. Find the products and sell them.
  4. Dragon Naturally Speaking — Use it to be the fastest content writer on the ‘net. This is more of a tool investment rather than a method, but you’re a writer, you can write faster by speaking to your computer. Save some time. Time is money.
  5. Make Videos — If you are a star waiting to happen. Create some original videos on YouTube and monetize them using their tools. Answer trending questions from around the Internet and use keywords in your video title and description. You can even post links!
  6. Promote Affiliate Products — Do a quick and dirty version of affiliate marketing. Find a product: clickbank.com, jvzoo.com, etc. Get a site. Free sites all day long here at Blogger. Set up a review of the product. Write articles and post them to Scribd.com, Slideshare.com, EzineArticles.com, etc. Drive traffic to you site. The more traffic you get on that link, the more potential there is to make money.
  7. Copy Someone Else — Copy someone else who is successful. Do the same thing, but double the value and do it better. Charge up to 10% more.
  8. Domaining — Are you good at spotting a money-making domain? Think you might be? Buy domains and sell them at a profit.
  9. Sell Ad Space on Your Established Site — Obviously, this one requires that you have put in some work already. You can sell ad space on various webmaster forums, but you must have the traffic proof to back it up.
  10. Set Up Cheap Websites for Sellers — People are hawking cars and houses all the time via classified sites and even the newspaper. Offer to set up a website that they can easily link to from Facebook, etc. Get a .info domain and build the site around their car or house with lots of images. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks, and you can sell at a profit. Big ticket items means they won’t mind a significant investment to advertise.
  11. AutoResponder Setup — This is time-consuming and pain for many marketers. You can charge up to $500 if you know how to do it.
  12. Who You Know — Utilize the people you already know and be sure they know you are offering services.
  13. Offer FREE Websites — If you know how to set up a WordPress site or some other site using cPanel scripts, offer a free site for clients who sign up using your affiliate link. Popular host companies pay killer commissions.
  14. Arbitrage — Know a place where you can offer services for bank, but you’re not skilled. Hire someone at Fiverr or one of the other freelance sites like Elance to complete the work and then sell it for profit.
  15. Sell Digital Products — Ebooks, graphics packs, articles, images, whatever you got. Pack it with value and sell it.
  16. Sell Your Handmade Products — Sell your crafts on Etsy.com.
  17. Have a Yard Sale — Don’t feel like monkeying around with eBay? Sell it from cash right from your home.
  18. Adsense — Slap some Adsense on your site. It’s FREE and it pays. You won’t get a TON of money, but you will get some.
  19. Publish Your Book for Kindle — Got a book you want to publish? Put it out on Amazon for the Kindle. It’s not hard to convert it to sell for the Barnes & Noble Nook as well. Can’t write? Hire someone or dictate it to Dragon Naturally Speaking.
  20. Editing/Proofreading — Grab one of those local magazines. Look through it for the ads. Visit the websites of the advertisers and look for ways you can improve them. Contact them with a professional email offering your services. One blog claimed 20 new clients from 22 emails using this method.
  21. Offline Marketing — Offer to distribute flyers for local businesses. 10 cents each; minimum of 1000 = $100 in your pocket.
  22. Make Money Off This Post — Take the methods presented here. Pack in as much info and detail for each method as you can. Compile it in an ebook, and sell it.
  23. Flip Websites — Buy complete websites and sell them for a profit.
  24. Create Your Own Affiliate Program — Do you have a kickin’ product that you have created? I mean it has to be top-knotch. Submit it to Clickbank.com and let other marketers sell it for you. The guidelines are available at Clickbank. Better yet, Set up a site and upload your product to E-Junkie.com. Set up your own affiliate program, and ask marketers to promote your product for commissions.
  25. Learn a Skill — Do it well, and sell it. SEO, WordPress, anything.
  26. Generate Followers — Do you know how to get quality followers on Twitter, or Likers on Facebook. This is a sellable skill.
  27. Dropshipping — Find a drop shipper and sell the products.
  28. WorkplaceLikeHome.com — Has a ton of work from home jobs from reputable companies. A lot of it is phone work.
  29. Start a Blog — Do you have something to say? Starting writing. You can get a free blog right here at Blogger. Add Adsense with only a few clicks. Make it good, and the money will come.


A good chunk of the information presented here came from this thread on the Warrior Forum. I skipped probably a good 10 pages because the thread is 19 pages long at the time of the writing. Go there, you won’t be sorry. It’s free information there for the taking.

Information Overload

Do you have your list there? Highlight a maximum of THREE things to try first. Take a few days and work on them like crazy. Wait a couple weeks. Are they making money? Keep working. Don’t quit. Get some good residual income flowing in, and ONLY THEN scale up or try something new.

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