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Last Updated: 12/23/2016

Hello, I’m Ava. I’m documenting a journey here.

In 2006…

I learned that people were making money using the Internet. I also learned that I was slow on the draw, and had realized this AFTER the dot com bubble had come and gone. Even so, there were people all over the webmaster forums claiming to still be making a killing. Well, I wanted a piece of the action. Who wouldn’t?

Soon thereafter, I became gainfully employed full-time and well, there just wasn’t a lot of time to explore the possibilities. I always kept it in the back of mind. I shuffled from website to website. Nothing really stuck, and I was really bad at choosing domain names. i.e. weblogblender.com, waxingpoetic75.com, accendoluxarts.com….the list goes on.

In 2010, I established what I call my flagship, ProWebWriter.com. That site has worn many hats over the years from my writing portfolio site to an attempt to create a community to just sitting there for a really long time. I have focus issues.

In 2013, StackingBenjis went online…

Any significant money I’ve made online has resulted from providing a service…a.k.a. writing. This is all well and good, and some people make a comfortable living providing writing or other services online. I…am not one of them. I want more.

When I know something is possible, as I have known that making money online is possible since 2006, then I won’t stop until I have made it possible for me. I might be slow on the uptake, but I’m no quitter.

Most recently, my hatred for my job has brought me to a relentless search for a way, once and for all, to make my living online. This will and would be the culmination of my life-long dream to own my own business.

You are invited to come along, learn from my mistakes, and maybe find your way as well. Oh, and I’m a Breaking Bad fan. Is it obvious?

Here. Goes. Nothing.

Entering 2016…

StackingBenjis.com has sat here for the better part of two years with a handful of content. Did I mention my focus problems? As we enter 2016, I am making a new commitment of time and content to this website. I have a leg up in that I have a little age on my domain and it does generate consistent organic traffic.

I slapped on a new theme, and we’re going to rock and roll this year. Jump on board! I’ll be churning out TONS of free training on how to make money online and sharing the resources and tools I come across in my travels. Buckle up and let’s do this!

Entering 2017…

This seems to be a pattern. In 2016, I realized that I’ve been blogging all wrong. What was I doing wrong? Well, you’ll have to subscribe and follow along to find out. I did put out some free training this year, and that will continue. In fact, I don’t have immediate plans to charge for any of the knowledge I’m constantly gaining. This year, you can expect to learn how to drive traffic, about SEO (I’m in the Top 10% on Upwork), how to use social media, and so much more. I’m excited and I’m glad you’re here with me.

Another thing I’m focusing on in 2017 is keeping the noise to a minimum. I’m not subscribing to any particular school of thought except that which I develop and test myself. If you take a look around at the Internet Marketing landscape, you’ll notice that the leaders are leading based on their own experiences.

There’s an area of that landscape that no one really talks about or markets to. Everyone has established an avatar of middle-aged males with investment capital to start a business. How many people really fit in that target audience?

This year, I’ll be launching the Cashstrapped Club because I’ve been cashstrapped my entire adult life. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. I know how to run this online game one little to no cash, and I can show you how. Nobody wants to help you or market to you when you’re broke, so let’s get un-broke together. My goal is to provide you with a starting point online where you generate some cashflow. From there, you can take the next step. They call it “scaling” around these part. So….


I’ll be sending my best secrets out via email.

My Why

Your “why”…it’s the reason you work. Its the reason you sacrifice your time. It might be your kids, your partner, or simply for yourself. Whatever it is, it is the thing that drives you.

I thought it was high time that I shared this. I have a multi-faceted why, so maybe you can relate to it and to me.

  • I want to help people. I want to create a free entrepreneur program for Veterans, ex-convicts, and anyone else who is having a hard time living their dreams
  • I have aging parents who I’d like to give back to
  • I have significant student loans
  • I want to start a company that recycles junk mail, cereal boxes, and other waste papers and plastics
  • I want to run a food truck that specializes in grilled cheese sandwiches and specialty salads and soups
  • I want to *feel* successful by achieving financial and time freedom

These things fuel the fire in my belly.

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