Affiliate Marketing and the Beginner

Affiliate MarketingI bought a short affiliate marketing course. It was an older course, and it cost me a little less than 10 bucks. I spent a few hours going through the training and taking notes. I wish more people would release PDF’s with their training courses! Sometimes videos aren’t the most convenient mode of instruction.
The selling point on this particular course was a testimonial from someone I know online who was making money using the mothods presented…around $1200 per month with just two sites. The course is older (from 2011), so with updates to Google algorithms, a few aspects of traffic generation may need to be tweaked.
For example, the methods for free traffic generation include article marketing and link wheels. It’s questionable from my research as to whether these methods are still viable. Many people are on the fence about it in the forums, and it’s difficult to know who is correct.
The basic outline of the method goes like this:
  • Choose a product from Clickbank
  • Use the information from the product page to create a free report
  • Create the report
  • Set up a website/squeeze page
  • Set up an autoresponder series
  • Drive traffic
If you’re like me, you’ve read a list like that a thousand times since your became interested in marketing. You’ve been to at least half as many times only to wonder how in the world to use it. Then you’ve moved on to the next thing hoping it’s a little more cut and dried…and around and around we go. Still broke. Sound familiar?
This course explained each step and gave some ways to make it easier. There were some really stellar tips. I won’t be promoting the product even if it works because it is borderline outdated. I’d definitely suggest finding something post-panda/penguin (Google updates).
I am currently at the set up the autoresponder and beginning to drive traffic stage. I will definitely report back on how this goes. This was the first product that I’ve bought, and I don’t want to be one of those wannabe marketers that buys product after product and never gets anywhere.

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