Affiliate Marketing is a Ton of Work

 Affiliate MarketingThe course I bought on affiliate marketing outlined everything step by step. When I initially went through the course, it sounded like work, but it sounded easier than it has been. Some things have taken more time than I thought they would.

The method revolves around choosing a niche and writing a free report that is 5-7 chapters long. I did this in a couple evenings. The majority of the other tasks revolve around using portions of this report as articles and submitting them in various places around the Internet.

I ran into a hiccup when I went to post the articles to EzineArticles (online article directory). I hadn’t used my account in ages, and I had never used it that much, so I’m still a Basic member. This means there is a limit on how many articles I can post at once. The articles must also be at least 400 words long.

I was only able to submit 4 out of 7 articles. I also had to add a few sentences to a few of them to meet the requirements. Now, I have to wait probably a minimum of a week for the Editing Department to approve them. Hopefully after that, they will upgrade my account or I will be able to submit the rest of the articles.

The course makes submitting the content in various formats sounds quick and easy. For the most part, I guess it is, but it is also a lot of work. Each time you submit a piece of content, you have to write a title, description, and then tag it with keyword rich material. That takes time. It’s also kind of tedious. When I do this again, I may do less chapters. It depends on how well this works.

So, for beginner’s sake, here’s my Clickbank Sales Snapshots:

A big mess of zeros. I’ve never seen a marketer post where you could follow them from nothing to something. Here’s hoping this will end with something.

Since I am just starting the free traffic generation portion of this project, I am also including my Google Analytics for this page. ONE visitor. This screenshot is from 9-27-13.

Affiliate Marketing - Google Analytics Screenshotac

Stay tuned. I hope to be posting some very different stats soon.

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