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How to Get 100 Real Targeted Active Twitter Followers Everyday

real targeted active twitter followers everyday

I’m not going to bother with the “What Is Twitter” side of things because there are thousands of posts online where that information can be found. Obviously you know what Twitter is and the potential is has or you wouldn’t be reading how to increase your followers. I’ve been on Twitter since January 2008…wow…I just realized that was 8 years ago. I’ve always loved it, but didn’t always know how…
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CPA Marketing: Cost Per Action Profits

cost per action profits

CPA Marketing which stands for Cost Per Action is a branch of affiliate marketing that is basically a little quicker and a little dirtier. Full Disclosure: I haven’t made one cent with it. When I first learned about it earlier this year (I know, I’m late on the draw), I jumped in with both feet joining sites and learning only to find that like everything else related to making money online,…
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Corey Ferreira’s Fiverr Success Review

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a review because I just haven’t had the benjis to invest. Well, surprise, surprise, here’s an impromptu review. If you’re involved with Fiverr or interested in Fiverr arbitrage at all, (my analytics tell me you are!) I think you’ll dig what I have for you. Discovering and Chasing Down the Book I consume A LOT of YouTube. I’ve found that it’s a…
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$4000 a Month From Fiverr?

I’ve been on Fiverr since 2011. I’ve earned a grand total of $48 there. However, I’ve always been interested to earn more. Every month I receive emails from the Fiverr blog about “super sellers” and people who are doing amazing things with Fiverr…just $5 at a time, and $4 if you want to get technical. So, I’m giving it my best try yet. What Is Fiverr? I’ve written about it…
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How To Create Social Media Profiles for Your Blog in Two Hours

social media profiles for your blog

A Little Backstory I spent the majority of 2014 building a social media department for an established SEO firm. During that time, I learned a TON about the business side of using social media. As the manager of the department, it was my job to keep up with the ever-changing aspects of social media and adapt my staff to them. It was actually amazing and fun. If you’re reading this…
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WordPress Themes for Fun and Profit

WordPress Themes

There are about a zillion themes out there available for WordPress. It can be a daunting task to choose one to use on your blog. Not only that, there’s a lot to know about themes like what colors work best for business or how many columns are a best practice. Every little element you choose can affect your site’s ability to convert visitors into subscribers or subscribers into sales. What’s…
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Want To Generate Leads? Build Your List Like a Boss Now!

generate leads build your list

Do you know what blogs are great for? Generating leads. I’m going to tell you like a friend…do NOT ignore list building like I did. Your blog, business, or whatever you are trying to accomplish online will not grow without it. I know it sounds complicated with all of the pasting codes, creating forms, and writing emails, but you can get this done fairly easily and there are services available to…
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Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginning Bloggers

essential wordpress plugins

Stock WordPress doesn’t have much in the way of customization, but it does have a robust plugin engine that will make it do anything you want. You can turn your site in to a membership site, forums, a social network, or just add this functionality to your blog. Besides adding functionality and customization, plugins also protect your site from spam, optimize it for the search engines, and so much more…
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How To Build a Blogging Empire in 2016

build a blogging empire

Why not? It’s easy. It’s cheap. It’s fun…well, if you like writing. It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you, then you need a blog. Getting a Blog This is a lot easier than it sounds. Let’s get serious for a minute, though. If you’re thinking that you can create a free blog just to test the waters, stop. Yes, you can do that, but you will have a…
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Ready, Set, Blog

ready set blog

I’ve had a WordPress site in some form since 2008. I’ve had an online blog at LiveJournal since 2001. The point I’m trying to make here is that I’ve had a lot of time and experience online and nothing to show for it. There are a lot of reasons for that, but in keeping with new ideas and endeavors, I’m aiming to keep things SIMPLE. I’m going with ONE IDEA:…
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