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IFTTT free mini course

Have you seen

I’ve written about it before, and it’s a huge part of how I built my Twitter following from a stagnant 1200 followers to more than 5500 as of this writing.

IFTTT is by far the coolest tool I’ve come across in my online journey. Of course it would be nothing without all the services and products who find it worthy to connect with as well.

What You Can Automate with IFTTT

As of this writing, there are 318 products and services that connect to IFTTT. These range from most social networks you can think of to a variety of wi-fi-controlled items for your home such as hue lights by PHILIPS or the Nest thermostat.

Here are more examples:

  • Log new text messages in a Google Spreadsheet
  • Automatically set your phone wallpaper to NASA’s Photo of the Day
  • Mute your phone at bedtime
  • Get notified of your favorite team’s final score
  • Receive a daily weather report at 7am everyday
  • Turn on your lights when you arrive home
  • Receive an email with Google Play Music’s free song of the day
  • Autoblog on Blogger, WordPress, or tumblr

Be a Social Media Powerhouse

IFTTT handles a good amount of my social media marketing. I worked the majority of 2014 as a social media manager, and I wish I had known about it then.

IFTTT does things you could expect to pay hundreds in software to duplicate. It truly is amazing.

You can connect most major social networks to your account, and Buffer is a social media posting tool that also connects to IFTTT. You can rock some serious campaigns and seriously wow your clients.

When I used to post for up to 17 clients per day, I had to go out and manually seek out content based on the niche or industry the client was in. With IFTTT, I can go out and find blogs, Subreddits, and more to pull content from and post it automatically to multiple Channels with a one-time setup..

Do that with Sprout Social or Sendible!

What Will You Do With IFTTT?

The possibilities are endless. I probably couldn’t even be considered a power-user for IFTTT, but I love this tool! I’ve been using for almost a year.

What will you do with it?

Picture this: 

You’re sitting on the couch with your family. It’s movie night. The living room is dimly lit by the flickering television light. Huddled in various masses around the room are your wife/husband, and your children all enjoying the flick.

You notice a chill in the air, and you poll the room, “Do y’all think it’s cold in here?”

A resounding “Yes!” comes from the blanketed lumps across the flashing landscape.

Alexa, set Nest to 70 degrees.”

  • You didn’t have to get up.
  • You didn’t have to worry where the Nest thermostat was set.
  • You didn’t have to disturb your daughter using your feet as a pillow.

You automatically set your house temperature to 70 degree with a simple voice command and IFTTT.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Take the Free Mini Course Now!

I had to do this course. I’ve tried to share this awesome service with both family and friends, and no one really seems to get it or understand the potential.

I also thought this course would be a great list booster since I was planning to change email marketing platforms, but I have since changed my mind. Expect that post soon!

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I hope to see you inside, but if not, stick around because there’s a lot more where this came from.

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