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Super Cheap Products and Worthless Email Lists

cheap products

Over the last week or so, I’ve bought a few products from WarriorPlus. There will be no affiliate links in this post. That’s how bad they were. The first product I got was Rob Cornish’s offering which I reviewed. That one was decent. The other 3 or 4 I got were garbage. Now, I don’t want to name names and call people out because I don’t feel that’s good marketing…
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Learn Effective Affiliate Marketing in One Day With Evergreen Passive Income by Rob Cornish

effective affiliate marketing

I took Rob Cornish’s Evergreen Passive Income course today, and I wanted to share it with you. I’ve taken a few affiliate courses in my time, and this is the first one that didn’t have me putting in huge amounts of time just to set it up and get traffic flowing to it. I’m going to implement Rob Cornish’s method into my business model and see if I can’t get…
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What I Use Instead of Project Breakthrough and Why I Recommend You Do the Same


UPDATE 6/15/2016: I am no longer promoting Project Breakthrough and probably wouldn’t have promoted it to begin with if I’d known its sustainability was all of about two months. FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t make a dime…but I also never invested in the tools and upsells. UPDATE 7/5/2016: As per a High Traffic Academy webinar tonight, I have removed all links to Project Breakthrough. I highly recommend finding another affiliate marketing course….
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CPA Marketing: Cost Per Action Profits

cost per action profits

CPA Marketing which stands for Cost Per Action is a branch of affiliate marketing that is basically a little quicker and a little dirtier. Full Disclosure: I haven’t made one cent with it. When I first learned about it earlier this year (I know, I’m late on the draw), I jumped in with both feet joining sites and learning only to find that like everything else related to making money online,…
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Jack Davies’ How to Make Money Online (The Simple Way) Review

I bought this book on Amazon, and devoured it twice. I did the initial read one day, and an in-depth study the next complete with nearly 9 pages of notes. That affiliate link wouldn’t be there if I didn’t think this book was all that and a bag of chips. With a $2.99 price tag, I’ll only get pennies anyway. This book is worth more than Tom Ness’ $9.95 book…
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New Insight on Niches

I wrote  on niches not so long ago, and I wanted to revisit this topic. I’m sure this won’t be the last time. Tonight, I sat down and wrote a list that I should have written in 2006. I would like to encourage you whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned seeker like me. Sit down right now or at your earliest convenience and compost…
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Tom Ness’ Rapid Affiliate System Review

This is the long-awaited review of the affiliate product that I bought and have talked about in several recent posts. * NOTE * This system is NOT for sale here, and this is not a sales post. It is strictly a review. Intro and Initial Impressions The title of the Warrior Special Offer jumped from the forum. It read:  “[TESTIMONIAL PROOF] Super Simple System Forces You to Make Your First…
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Affiliate Marketing Update – Dumb Newbie Mistakes

The whole point of buying a method is so that you can avoid making the mistakes every newbie makes. Right? Having been home-schooled for a portion of my high school years, I learned how to teach things to myself. That’s not a problem. The problem is when the instructions are lacking. I am not one of those people who have spent hundreds of dollars on method after method. In 6…
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Affiliate Marketing is a Ton of Work

 The course I bought on affiliate marketing outlined everything step by step. When I initially went through the course, it sounded like work, but it sounded easier than it has been. Some things have taken more time than I thought they would. The method revolves around choosing a niche and writing a free report that is 5-7 chapters long. I did this in a couple evenings. The majority of the…
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Affiliate Marketing and the Beginner

I bought a short affiliate marketing course. It was an older course, and it cost me a little less than 10 bucks. I spent a few hours going through the training and taking notes. I wish more people would release PDF’s with their training courses! Sometimes videos aren’t the most convenient mode of instruction. The selling point on this particular course was a testimonial from someone I know online who…
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