Aweber vs. Mailchimp vs. Get Response – What I Use and Why

aweber mailchimp getresponse

Recently, I decided to upgrade my email marketing platform. I currently use Mailchimp. I felt that I needed more features to better serve you with great content. I was wrong. I decided to try GetResponse. Why in the world I decided to learn a new system while doing a launch at the same time is beyond me. I’ve learned several personal lessons in the last year, one of those being…
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Want To Generate Leads? Build Your List Like a Boss Now!

generate leads build your list

Do you know what blogs are great for? Generating leads. I’m going to tell you like a friend…do NOT ignore list building like I did. Your blog, business, or whatever you are trying to accomplish online will not grow without it. I know it sounds complicated with all of the pasting codes, creating forms, and writing emails, but you can get this done fairly easily and there are services available to…
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AWeber Auto Responder Review

So, if you notice, I’ve added an AWeber contact form to the sidebar over there. –> You might have to scroll, it’s just below the fold. (UPDATE: has since been removed.) Since I’m paying for it (thanks to that affiliate marketing thing, the review of which is coming out TODAY!), I figured I might as well use it. I am NOT a fan of the list. Nearly everyone in Internet…
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