Is Your Product a Pile of Steaming Bull Hockey?

product value

Recently, via the magic of online forums, I have gotten my hands on a ridiculous amount of products ranging from Udemy courses to ebooks to software to graphics. Now, I am a stickler on value, and I’ve been rebuked here on my site for comparing completely unrelated things to my Netflix account. I will not apologize for the way my brain works. I like it. Please pardon my digression while…
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Publishing Ebooks for Profit

publishing ebooks for profit

Ebooks have been booming for about 5 years now. They were huge before, but when ereaders hit the market, it exploded. Digital book formats make it much easier for readers to get their hands on books. Not to mention, book prices are often significantly cheaper in this medium, so readers can get more books for the price of one. Of course, marketers have jumped on this as an area to…
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