$4000 a Month From Fiverr?

I’ve been on Fiverr since 2011. I’ve earned a grand total of $48 there. However, I’ve always been interested to earn more. Every month I receive emails from the Fiverr blog about “super sellers” and people who are doing amazing things with Fiverr…just $5 at a time, and $4 if you want to get technical. So, I’m giving it my best try yet. What Is Fiverr? I’ve written about it…
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Let’s Talk About Upwork

about upwork

A little backstory first…I created a profile on Upwork more than 5 years ago. I had been laid off from my job, and my situation was nearing desperation. Now, if you’ve spent any time at all in Internet Marketing then you know that none of it falls in the category of “get rich quick”. It won’t even fit inside of “get a few bucks quick”. Pretty much all of it requires a…
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