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How To Dominate Twitter and Become an Influencer

dominate twitter

I’ve written about Twitter a couple times before, here and here, but I’m going to share with you how to dominate Twitter which is something I kept from you before. I kept it from you because I was trying to market it as a service only to find that it just wasn’t feasible for reasons unknown. Welcome to my life. I didn’t market it correctly or my pricing was all wrong,…
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Website Magazine – A Free and Fantastic Resource

website magazine free

The best things in life are free! I’ve been subscribed to Website Magazine for well over a year now. I receive both the Digital and Print editions 12 times a year. If you run a website or are involved in Internet Marketing in any way, you can benefit from this FREE magazine. It’s actually one of the most intellectual and well-put-together magazines I’ve ever read. What’s In An Issue Each…
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What I Use Instead of Project Breakthrough and Why I Recommend You Do the Same


UPDATE 6/15/2016: I am no longer promoting Project Breakthrough and probably wouldn’t have promoted it to begin with if I’d known its sustainability was all of about two months. FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t make a dime…but I also never invested in the tools and upsells. UPDATE 7/5/2016: As per a High Traffic Academy webinar tonight, I have removed all links to Project Breakthrough. I highly recommend finding another affiliate marketing course….
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Making Money Online is All About Persistence

making money online is all about persistence

Having been at this for a decade, I’ve learned a fair amount of stuff. Aside from the run-of-the-mill Internet marketing stuff like build your list, take action, and generate great content, I have learned that this whole thing takes massive persistence on multiple fronts. As seemingly mundane as this run-of-the-mill stuff might seem, it is essential to getting paid. Persistence in Content While I consume my fair share of content…
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