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Are You Internet Savvy?

Are You Internet Savvy originally appeared on my website, ProWebWriter(dot)com in 2012. It has been updated for 2017. Being Internet savvy is quite a blanket statement. The Internet is such a vast domain that having a broad knowledge is an ongoing process for any enthusiast. The first time I ever saw the Internet was at my brother’s house in the mid-90’s. I remember he showed me Yahoo and how you…
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A Project Breakthrough FAQ

UPDATE 5/17/2016: I am no longer promoting Project Breakthrough and probably wouldn’t have promoted it to begin with if I’d known its sustainability was all of about two months. FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t make a dime…but I also never invested in the tools. If you’ve been following my blog, then you know I recently went through a course called Project Breakthrough. I won’t go into a lot of detail here since…
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Is Your Product a Pile of Steaming Bull Hockey?

product value

Recently, via the magic of online forums, I have gotten my hands on a ridiculous amount of products ranging from Udemy courses to ebooks to software to graphics. Now, I am a stickler on value, and I’ve been rebuked here on my site for comparing completely unrelated things to my Netflix account. I will not apologize for the way my brain works. I like it. Please pardon my digression while…
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Why Internet Marketers Never Give Out Their Money Making Secrets Free

Well, first, you might want to ask yourself why you expect anything free? It’s a harsh question, but you might as well get used to it if that’s your mindset. I don’t think as many people think that way as we’d like to think though. Does it make us feel better about ourselves? It’s all rubbish. It’s neither here nor there in what we’re trying to accomplish here. I never…
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I Hate Canned Email

You know the kind? The 20 emails someone wrote 9 months ago or had written that are automatically sent to you when you sign up at their site to receive some free something? Yeah, I hate those. Basically, you just opted in to be spammed however often they fancy for a free product that is probably sitting unread on your hard drive. These emails seem to be the industry standard….
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The Lie: I Answer My Emails Personally

Alright, I hate to keep droning on about this one product, but I haven’t been suckered into buying anything else. My goal in this whole marketing thing is to NOT be another marketer who becomes successful and disappears into my monetized oblivion. I want to make sure that I keep my word in ALL things. So, I bought this affiliate marketing product, and the author said that he answers his…
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