Are You Internet Savvy?

Are You Internet Savvy originally appeared on my website, ProWebWriter(dot)com in 2012. It has been updated for 2017. Being Internet savvy is quite a blanket statement. The Internet is such a vast domain that having a broad knowledge is an ongoing process for any enthusiast. The first time I ever saw the Internet was at my brother’s house in the mid-90’s. I remember he showed me Yahoo and how you…
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Using Chrome Profiles to Stay Organized

chrome profiles to stay organized

I have a spreadsheet on my computer listing more than 230 online accounts that I use both personally and for my business. That’s just the main sheet. That’s not counting the other pages with client log in credentials, or my client hosting accounts. It’s gets crazy pretty fast. I honestly don’t remember when I started keeping this spreadsheet, but it has grown exponentially in recent years. There’s just no way…
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Attempting to Clear the Reddit Confusion

reddit confusion

Last Updated: 6/21/2016 Do you Reddit? I’m a true-blue Redditor for sure. I promised you a Reddit guide, but it’s been done hundreds of times over. I’m a proponent of not trying to best what someone else has done well enough. Some big players like Mashable and Kissmetrics have both put together pretty exhaustive guides, so I’m going to tell you why I find it beneficial rather than tell you…
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How to Get 100 Real Targeted Active Twitter Followers Everyday

real targeted active twitter followers everyday

I’m not going to bother with the “What Is Twitter” side of things because there are thousands of posts online where that information can be found. Obviously you know what Twitter is and the potential is has or you wouldn’t be reading how to increase your followers. I’ve been on Twitter since January 2008…wow…I just realized that was 8 years ago. I’ve always loved it, but didn’t always know how…
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Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in the Internet Basket

I dabble in a lot of things. My End Goal I am valiantly striving toward a business in Internet Marketing to fund and supplement my offline future endeavors: Real Estate Investment — I’ve been interested in this for years. Food Truck — I have an awesome idea! Create local jobs Show others how to create an online income Give back to the community That’s it, in a nutshell. That is…
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet

You Got Bit… …by the Internet Marketing bug, and you are SURE you can make it your full-time job. However, you feel you don’t have the time to devote to it because of your full-time job. Next thought: I could quit because I can make it in IM. I’ll be fine. I will start making money the first day. Suddenly, your soul is flooded with hope, and you feel so…
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The Lie: I Answer My Emails Personally

Alright, I hate to keep droning on about this one product, but I haven’t been suckered into buying anything else. My goal in this whole marketing thing is to NOT be another marketer who becomes successful and disappears into my monetized oblivion. I want to make sure that I keep my word in ALL things. So, I bought this affiliate marketing product, and the author said that he answers his…
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Finding a Niche You Can Get Behind

The first step to nearly any online venture is *drum roll* finding a niche. Newbies often make this more complicated than it has to be…myself included. The best piece of advice I’ve received about choosing a niche, I got recently (from that often mentioned affiliate marketing product). *SIDENOTE* I’ve been mentioning that product a lot, and I just wanted to say that I am NOT building up to sell that…
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