Ready, Set, Blog

ready set blog

I’ve had a WordPress site in some form since 2008. I’ve had an online blog at LiveJournal since 2001. The point I’m trying to make here is that I’ve had a lot of time and experience online and nothing to show for it. There are a lot of reasons for that, but in keeping with new ideas and endeavors, I’m aiming to keep things SIMPLE. I’m going with ONE IDEA:…
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Publishing Ebooks for Profit

publishing ebooks for profit

Ebooks have been booming for about 5 years now. They were huge before, but when ereaders hit the market, it exploded. Digital book formats make it much easier for readers to get their hands on books. Not to mention, book prices are often significantly cheaper in this medium, so readers can get more books for the price of one. Of course, marketers have jumped on this as an area to…
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I’m Not a Writer, How Can I Create Ebooks?

It kinda seems like Internet Marketing revolves A LOT around content creation. I would imagine this has thwarted many a hopeful marketer, but don’t let it stop you! Conveniently, I can write, and I have a background in graphics. These are both good things when it comes to creating websites, AND digital products. Now, my sites might not look perfect, BUT they don’t look they were built in 2002 with…
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Make Money with Print Newsletters

My previous post gave me this idea…well, this variation of someone else’s idea. Marketing is a constant evolution. It’s taking old methods, old ideas, and mixing and matching with new sites, ideas, and methods. When I used to frequent coffee shops, I noticed that many of them had one or two stacks of print newsletters left behind by some ambitious individual. These would be ONE page. Sometimes they would be…
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