CPA Marketing: Cost Per Action Profits

cost per action profits

CPA Marketing which stands for Cost Per Action is a branch of affiliate marketing that is basically a little quicker and a little dirtier. Full Disclosure: I haven’t made one cent with it. When I first learned about it earlier this year (I know, I’m late on the draw), I jumped in with both feet joining sites and learning only to find that like everything else related to making money online, you have to test and figure it out yourself.

The Painful Truth About Making Money Online

Over the last decade, this is the most profound truth I’ve learned about making money online and this includes CPA marketing: It’s not free. Every guru you’ve ever read that pushed free traffic methods along with their latest product right beside the paid methods did it to get more sales.

There is no such thing as “free traffic” that equates to making money online unless you hire a small army.

You’ve read all the free traffic methods before:

  • Forum posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Video making

After you’ve created a product and/or built a website/landing page around a product, are you seriously going to promote it on hundreds of forums and blogs? I never did, and I don’t consider myself a slouch. I have a solid history of taking action, but all those forums and blogs are daunting and time-consuming. I’ve even had marketers sell me methods that outlined a plan for getting free traffic over a 30-day period. It’s just not efficient or feasible. The bottom line here is: You need to buy traffic.

Even if it’s just a little bit. You can test your methods more efficiently and it will cost your less in the long run (time is money). There’s really no such thing as making money online that is risk-free unless you’re providing a service or selling a popular product, and even then you always run the risk of dissatisfied customers. Get it out of you mind and succumb to the fact that you are going to need a small amount of capital to invest in the idea of making money online if you have your heart set on it. I have spent the last decade learning this and resigning myself to it. If you’re new the concept of making money online and you learn this right now, you’re ahead of the game!

Two Lessons of Making Money Online

I’m going to share with you these two lessons, and I’ve probably shared them before, but if you can learn them at the beginning of your journey, you are 10 years ahead of me.

  1. As I said above, to make money online, you have to spend money. Most of the time, this is usually in the form of buying traffic, but can also apply to a really good product.
  2. You must take action. There is no magic Internet button that turns on the coin fountain. Making money online is outright hard work. Sure, you may execute that job while sitting comfortably behind your computer, but it is still work.

As of this writing, I’ve found myself barely sleeping and putting in no less that 12 hours a day trying to bring my business to an acceptable level of income. From what I’ve read, this is my new life. Get these lessons learned and under you belt now. Move on with them in mind and you will be en route to bigger and better things. Good luck to you!

Back to CPA Marketing

I know it seems like I went off on a crazy, wild tangent there, but I was really just setting the stage for you. You have to have a certain mindset to be successful online. You have to go into it ready and willing to work. If you’re broke, you’re going to have to work a bit harder to earn the capital to invest and try things that may not work for you because I’ve found the third element to online money success is a little bit of luck. 

How It Works

The basic premise behind CPA Marketing is to find an offer you’d like to promote and then promote it. If you generate sales, leads, opt-ins or whatever the offer requires, then you earn a commission. It’s like the bastard cousin of affiliate marketing as I said above. Your first step is to join a network or ten. For most, you must apply and be accepted. There are many, but I’m only going to list a few of the best:

  • MaxBounty – You’ll see a lot of tutorials using this one. It’s really well-liked in the market. They require a phone interview to qualify
  • Peerfly – I was easily accepted here, but to be honest, I have no idea how to do anything. 🙁
  • AdWorkMedia – Again, accepted to this one, but clueless

Once you’ve been accepted to a network or three, you can begin promoting their offers. I have a disconnect with understanding how this works. I’m actually still learning, so you can expect more from me on this topic. When I check out the offers that are available for promotion, I have a tough time seeing any value in them. This is the main problem for me. I also don’t really understand how set up works. I know that most CPA marketers pay for traffic.

While I’m very interested in the concept of being paid for leads (emails) or for mobile app installs, I’m just not sure how it all works. Who hosts the landing page? Do I cloak the link with something like I’m just lost. You can find a million methods for CPA online, but I honestly haven’t seen anything I’d feasibly try.

Why Are You Writing About This When You Don’t Know Anything?

I know, right!?! What the crap!?! Actually, I wanted to share a very important resource with you that’s related to CPA Marketing in a big way. If you use forums as a part of your education and marketing strategy, then this will be asset to you. I must issue a sort of Disclaimer here. These forums look a bit childish (I actually like the design on both!), but a little looking around, a little reading, and you’ll see the value through all the rubbish.

I have actually found a ton of great content with which to create my incentive for opt-ins to my list free on these forums. Some members are stingy while others are super generous. It just depends on the day.

First up, I have

I especially enjoy their Freebies, Giveaways & Prizes forum. Sometimes, there’s a bit of rubbish to wade through, but for the most part this is a solid place to find great resources. If you’re running short on credits to unlock the content you want to say, a few posts on the forum should get you what you want. Stick your link in your signature for the added benefits. WARNING: There are Black Hat methods and information available on the forum, so be aware of that. Also, be mindful of your links as people also share cracked software, pirated ebooks, etc. It’s not the main idea behind the forums, but it’s there.

Next up, is


The Tutorials and Downloads forum is a nice spot. If you want to unlock content on this forum, all that’s required is a click of the Thanks button and a page refresh. This forum is a little cleaner than CPAHero, but I enjoy them both. Like I said, I have used them to pad my marketing repertoire, and I really feel like once I learn the ins and outs of CPA marketing that they will provide me with even more value.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Are you a CPA Marketing success? Do you have any tips? I’d sure love to hear them! If you found value in this post, let me know in the comments below!

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