Don’t Quit Your Day Job…Yet

Day JobYou Got Bit…

…by the Internet Marketing bug, and you are SURE you can make it your full-time job. However, you feel you don’t have the time to devote to it because of your full-time job. Next thought: I could quit because I can make it in IM. I’ll be fine. I will start making money the first day. Suddenly, your soul is flooded with hope, and you feel so alive. All of your money problems fade from your horizon and fall behind you. You have FINALLY made it.
NO. You haven’t.
 ^ My actual commute.

No Money Online Today Probably Means No Money Tomorrow Either…

…not forever, but only if you listen to your thoughts and the good feelings they give. Go to work!!! If you are serious about IM, take those alive feelings and good soul flutters and put them to work, but go to your job first! Stay up late, get up early, do what you have to do, but DON’T QUIT YOUR JOB. Why? The short answer:
  • It’s stupid.
  • It’s stupid.
  • It’s stupid.
It’s a one in a million chance that you will make it. Internet Marketing is NOT the lottery, but the chances are about the same that you will end up winning.
Getting fired or laid off changes the game a bit. I was laid off in the 2008 recession debacle. It took me 18 months and move across the country to find a full-time job.
In those 18 months, I did a bit of freelance writing to supplement my income. Like so many other 30-somethings, I moved in with my parents. Being self-employed has always been a dream of mine, but I was jerked into it and terribly unprepared. In some ways, it was heavenly. No boss, no putting money in someone else’s pocket, etc.
The problem was that I NEVER managed to meet my financial goals in those 18 months, and I essentially ended up losing close to everything.
I’m not saying that this is how it would be for you. There’s no way to know, but there is something in going about it the smart way. Losing a job is devastating, and if this has happened or is happening to you, you will need help quickly. Subscribe using the form in the right sidebar –>. There will be help for you here.

Make Internet Marketing a Lucrative SIDE Business First!

There may be many nights when you don’t get enough sleep. There will be MANY days that you loathe going to your “day job”. Sometimes, you may experience insomnia because your mind is swimming with all the ideas. These are things those warm, fluttery feelings don’t tell you.
Most importantly, if you quit your day job, how will you invest in your Internet Marketing endeavors? Without a source of income, you will or should shift immediately into thrift mode…until your money runs out. Then what will you do? No, really, what will you do? If you can’t answer this question with something besides, “I’ll be successful online by then”, you have NO business quitting your job.
Not to mention, you probably have family to think about. You must always consider the effects your decisions will have on other people.
The following things MUST happen BEFORE you quit: 
  • Try as many things as it takes until you find something that earns you a good bit of money. The more, the better. Multiple methods that are earning are BEST.
  • Set a financial goal of how much you must make per month
  • Reach that goal on a regular basis for 3 months MINIMUM.
  • Iron out all the red tape like forming a company, health insurance and setting up tax payments
  • Tie up loose ends by developing a long term plan.
QUIT! But don’t burn your bridges (a.k.a. work your notice), and always make sure you discuss EVERYTHING with your wife/husband/partner or whoever.

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