Don’t Try to Sell Things You Haven’t Tried

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To Sell? No.

I have written about methods on this blog that I haven’t tried. I don’t like to do that, but I am not SELLING the ideas. The reason I posted ideas without actually trying them is because I thought if the idea got into the hands of the right person, they might be able to succeed where I couldn’t…to sell. I am specifically talking about THIS POST and THIS ONE.
I had and still have the option to become an affiliate for the affiliate marketing product that I have discussed in previous posts. I am NOT selling that product because I have yet to find success with it. I admit I have lost momentum, but the only consequence really is a little age on the domain which isn’t a bad thing.
I’m not here to put other marketers on blast. Especially when they’re making money, but there’s a guy that I follow on YouTube who promotes ideas all the time much the same way I described above in hopes that it might fall into the right hands. My beef is that he will make a video about a product he’s learned about, create an affiliate link, and sell the product right on his video while admitting he hasn’t tried it.
It’s just like my affiliate marketing product. I bought it because someone I trusted claimed to have success with it. However, I did not turn around and post affiliate links everywhere saying, “Hey, this might make you money.” I’m not comfortable with that. After a 7-year search to find a start in marketing, I want to provide a start for my readers that concludes their search for that same start.


Credibility is that giant word that kind of envelopes trust and integrity into one. It takes time to build. Selling products that aren’t solid will damage credibility that you don’t even have yet. You’re taking two steps back before you even take one forward. Don’t dig yourself a hole you can’t get out of before you even begin. Even if you make a couple bucks at it, without credibility, your business will sink.


There’s already marketers trying to shake the guru crap from their shoes. Let me tell you something, I HATE nearly all the methods marketers use to sell things, and I have become nearly immune to them.
  • Gimme Your Email and You Can Have This — All marketers use this trying to build the ever-important list. You have probably submitted your information before. Then what happened? What happens to me most of the time is that I get WAY TOO MANY emails, most of which are trying to sell me crap I don’t want. What happens? I UNSUBSCRIBE. I can’t recall one product I’ve received from joining a list that added any value to my journey. Still, marketers swear by the list. What’s an un-guru to do?
  • Click Some Ads — I use ads on all my sites where appropriate. Adsense is a no-brainer. I make about $100 per YEAR from one site. The site is unpromoted with organic search engine traffic only. That’s not even a trickle, but it’s something. Adsense is FREE and easy. It’s a couple clicks to get it on a blog here at Blogger. No-brainer, but how often do you click? I don’t click an ad on any site I visit even once a week. Trickle.
  • Buy Some Warrior Special Offers (WSO’s) — Never heard of it? It’s actually one forum at The main goal is to sell, sell, sell. That affiliate product? Yeah, it was a WSO. The first and last one I will buy until I see some significant money. Many marketers make ALL of their income selling crap as a WSO. In order to sell a WSO, there’s an initial investment and approval system for your thread. That in itself gives credibility. Buyers figure if you’re willing to invest to sell, then the product must be good. This is true is some cases, but for the most part, it’s just another product that will sit on your hard drive unless you choose to act on it.
  • Read my 20-foot Sales Page — Ugh, I hate these the worst. You know what I’m talking about…those webpages with the giant, red, bold headlines, the colorful arrows, and buy buttons. Sometimes there’s a video, and they always auto play which further infuriates me. Some loud mouth yakking about how this particular products will make you TONS of money, help you lose a TON of weight, or further change your life in some phenomenal way. *barf* You scroll, and scroll, and scroll, and scroll. It’s foot after foot of the same drivel. “Bob C. from Arkansas, I made a TON of money with this.” “Lynn W. from New York, I lost a TON of weight with this.” Blah, blah, blah. It’s a too often repeated method if you ask me, but apparently it sells, or maybe just the first guy made money and sold the sales page method as a WSO spawning the quadrillions of other sales pages on the Internet. *monkey hate* *monkey no buy*
I could go on and on and this should probably be a post by itself, but I’m in the market for something new. When I find it, I’m going to make a WSO on it and make TONS of money…NOT! Perhaps these values and hang-ups are why I am unsuccessful, but I hold that there’s money to be made without aggravating the hell out of people, and I aim to do it that way!
I know a chick on YouTube who reviews Clickbank products and makes a killing. That’s right, she doesn’t make a squeeze page and all that jazz. She BUYS the products, writes an honest review, and if it’s something she likes, she promotes it with the review on her blog. I like that. I like it a lot. Don’t try to sell things you haven’t tried.

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