Corey Ferreira’s Fiverr Success Review

It’s been a long while since I’ve done a review because I just haven’t had the benjis to invest. Well, surprise, surprise, here’s an impromptu review. If you’re involved with Fiverr or interested in Fiverr arbitrage at all, (my analytics tell me you are!) I think you’ll dig what I have for you.

Discovering and Chasing Down the Book

I consume A LOT of YouTube. I’ve found that it’s a great resource to learn about or more about pretty much anything. I’ll save the details for another post, but that’s how I found out about Fiverr Success. Corey says he makes $4000 a month on Fiverr. I’ll be honest, that kind of money makes me stop and pay attention. Especially when I know I have an aged and leveled up Fiverr account from previous experiments.

The link to the book actually has a bundle of Corey’s work on it including other books on Fiverr for a total of $67. He’s updated Fiverr Success, originally written in 2014, for 2016. When I first saw the price tag, I thought he must have delusions of grandeur regarding the value of his work. Then I realized the individual books are quite reasonably priced. You can grab any combination thereof in my link above or check it out below.

I obtained a copy of Fiverr Success and this is my review.

How I Read Marketing Books

This is a little bit of backstory. Feel free to skip it if you like. I’m only sharing to give you perspective and maybe it will help someone.

When I read a marketing book or some other instructional material, I take obsessive extensive notes. I write down everything I might need later for reference that will keep me from having to wade back through a PDF file. I’m sure there’s probably a quicker, paperless, less-tactile way to do this. I’m just not to that point in my life yet, so I do it on paper where I can just grab my notebook and thumb through. Needless to say, I am creating quite the library of notebooks.

Perhaps something like Evernote, Word, or even Notepad would work better for you, and that’s totally cool. The whole point for me is to create quick reference for myself that will allow me to implement what I learned in the book without opening the book. I will be using my notes to write this review as well. Let’s get to it!

What’s in the Box

  • 91 Pages of Fiverr how-to goodness
  • 13 in-demand gigs you can sell yourself completely laid out for you
  • 7 of the 13 outlined with EVERY detail from description to keywords to sell them yourself
  • How to fill out and optimize your profile
  • Insider tips and secrets
  • Circumnavigation of A LOT of trial and error
  • A proven system
  • Arbitrage methods and where to find suppliers
  • How to manage the business daily for 8 hours a week

This list could go on. This book is chock full and honestly covers everything you need to create your own Fiverr business and be successful at it. Everything was actionable and easy to understand. I don’t recall one spelling or grammatical error in the entire work. The resources presented were inexpensive and most had free trials. This system was a cheapskate’s dream!

What’s Available

If you want to grab a copy of Fiverr success or any of Corey’s other works, you can check it out by clicking the image below. He has three bundles available and the $67 one covers all three books plus:

  • Access to his Fiverr success video course consisting of 30 lessons
  • Fiverr Success audiobook
  • Q&A webinar
  • Lifetime priority email support
  • 60-day money back guarantee

The package really is packed with value!

buy fiverr success bundle

But Wait, There’s More

If 67 bucks is waaaaaay out of your price range, I feel you. It is also out of mine at this juncture. Corey apparently understands the plight of the broke marketer. You can get Fiverr Success bundled with the 100 Gigs book for $26, or you can get Fiverr Success by itself for $17. Both offerings come with the 60-day money back guarantee and lifetime email support. A great value for sure. I haven’t read the Fiverr Middleman book, but I highly recommend the other two. 

What I Learned

I learned a ton of practical tips and took 14 pages of notes. Corey covers it all from start to finish. His material is fit for the newbie, and just as well, the seasoned Fiverr seller. He really doesn’t leave anything out. He covers arbitrage and how to get the maximum value from less work and time. The dude spends 8 hours a week on his business and it’s netting him 4 grand a month! In my small world, he’s living the dream.

Even if Fiverr isn’t something you want to do forever, it’s a heck of a stepping stone to earning investments for your next endeavor. Not to mention at only 8 hours a week, you have time to invest in more baskets for your eggs!

Putting It Into Action

There are two profound aspects to making money online that I’ve recently learning: 

  1. You have to work at it
  2. Sometimes A lot of the time, you have to spend money

Fiverr Success doesn’t require a dime to get started, but you have plenty of work ahead of you. If you play your cards right, the bulk of the work will be creating and optimizing your gig listings. Then it will be time to get to work. Work smart and you won’t have to work as hard.

Yesterday, before I’d even heard of Fiverr Success, I’d gotten up and created 6 shiny new Fiverr gigs as a start based on motivation from another book I’d read. I talked about that one yesterday. I barely slept last night after reading Fiverr Success. Today, I tweaked my gigs to optimize them and get them ready to go. I’ll keep you posted on my progress! Good things are happening in my world based on action. Try it, and stay tuned. I’ll be churning out regular content here for a least the next 3 weeks. Subscribe so you don’t miss out using the form in the sidebar =>>. If you found this review helpful, or you have questions, snide remarks, rebuttal or whatever, leave a comment. 

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