How I Ended Up on the Front Page of Google by Accident

first page of google

Well, as accidental as it can be to find yourself on the first page of Google search results…

This reminds me, I need to do a post on WordPress SEO, but I digress. If you’re reading this, you are viewing a piece of my story and you’ve unwittingly hopped the train on my journey to making a nice living off this blog…I hope. As such, there’s a variety of content here, some of which is a couple years old:

  • Reviews
  • Experiments
  • Guides

I’ve learned a ton in the last few years about writing, and it’s nothing for me to turn out 2000 words in a post. I know y’all don’t care about these little intervals of me-ness. You want the meat! You’re here for the part that tells YOU how YOU can get paid. Fair enough. That’s what I hope to deliver, but you won’t get it from just one post, so don’t forget to subscribe! =>>

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve been studying Internet Marketing for any length of time, you’ve heard this term. It probably seems a bit like an unfathomable god you have to pray to in order to succeed. That’s actually not that far off. 😛 If you’re ignoring SEO, I’m here to let you know that you WILL have to know at least a little SEO to succeed at making money online. No matter what you do, whether it’s Fiverr or affiliate marketing, you need some basic optimization skills. The good news is that it’s not too hard especially with WordPress. It’s just tedious.

If you do it right or even if you do it a little wrong, you might just find yourself on the front page of Google by accident!

I Know How I Got There, I Just Wouldn’t Have Chosen This Route

I’ve shared several times that currently the main traffic to this blog arrives as a result of a couple reviews I did on KingHuman here and here. A quick sidenote for those who don’t know: KingHuman is an Internet Marketer with a rather vast library of videos on YouTube. In 2013, he opened up a membership site called The KingHuman Elite. From the outside looking in, the content is a complete mystery, so naturally people want to know if it’s worth the money.

I should email the guy and thank him. I wouldn’t say my reviews are necessarily positive, but I didn’t berate the guy. I think his YouTube channel is a great resource. My problem with his services was that he was charging $15 a month for access to his membership site and has resorted to putting out low-quality PLR and MRR content and no interaction with himself at all. I feel people pay that amount thinking they’ll have access to KingHuman and that’s just not the case. He’s MIA.

A lot of people want to know about his stuff. They want to know if the 15 bucks they’re about to shell out is worth it, so they end up here reading my reviews. I get both positive and negative comments on those posts as well. The one thing I wasn’t trying to accomplish with the reviews is what has happened. I absolutely put them out there for others to read in hopes of helping them. Either they could ascertain that KingHuman’s site would help them or not. I never intended them to be the main attraction here at, but…

The Path of Least Resistance to Page One

Here I am. I reviewed a marketer who’s famous enough to drive about 500 visits to this blog a month. Sure I’m not the only review out there, but I have two reviews. I wrote them a year apart. They’re not short. There are screen shots and a lot of information included in them. Google obviously liked them. It is important to note that I have not promoted these reviews elsewhere except maybe one automatic tweet when each of them were published. I wasn’t sharing my content on Pinterest or LinkedIn at that point. My posts didn’t automatically feed to Facebook or any of that stuff. The popularity has been completely organic.

The path of least resistance was easy. I just wrote a review and they came.

The Elements of a Page One Post

Let’s say we wanted to replicate the process and try to hit page one on purpose. How can we use what we’ve done and learned here to try and land more content on the first page?

  • Topic – choose a topic with some moderate interest. It can’t be too popular, but not too unpopular either. In the world of social media, you would write about Google+ instead of Facebook. See what I’m saying?
  • Post length – my review is 1020 words. I don’t think there is a set length for front page results. I think Google likes long content, but I also know they like content that covers the topic fully. Here’s more on length if you’re interested.
  • Images – All of my blog posts include at least one image, but many of them have more. I like to illustrate my steps and points.
  • SEO – The post is optimized only with the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin which means, I chose a keyword that I included in the title, post URL, as an alt tag on an image, and in the meta description of the post itself. If that’s all Greek to you, let me reiterate Yoast WordPress SEO plugin…it tells you exactly what to do and give you a place to put it.
  • Keywords – I don’t even do anything special here, y’all. I haven’t included keyword research in my regular posting routine yet even now. The keyword on that post is “kinghuman”. It’s that vast. That is not the SERP 1 keyword. It’s a long-tail keyword that I’m pulling in

I think that’s all. I obviously don’t know what I’m doing. 😀 Seriously though, I owe ya’ll a post on SEO.

I basically replicate this process with every post I write with a few exceptions:

  • I use long tail keywords now most of the time
  • I am promoting my content via more social media networks than I used to
  • I have more Twitter followers than ever

I’m not sure yet what effect any of this having. Case studies and testing takes time.

I do know that posting regularly has boosted my traffic all around by anywhere from 10 to 40 posts per day. I also know that my best traffic day is Tuesday. I have no idea why!

I Don’t Sweat The Minor Details

I write for this blog and I self-publish books. Those are my main gigs online. In both of these realms, I see a lot of scrapping over little minute details like keywords, reviews, and just all kinds of things that I don’t bother to sweat. One thing at time! I post a lot of things as I’m learning them myself. SEO will be no different. As a writer, I have a certain amount of SEO knowledge and experience. I may even know more than I’m aware of. I tested in the Top 10% for SEO on I just don’t go much further than my plugin. It seems to do the job, so why should I spend tons of time on it? That’s the whole point of the plugin, right? To save time?

Everyday I see people throwing money at online products they don’t need.

People pay for keyword tools and SEO monitoring software. I see people trying to duplicate what someone else did to make money online. There’s nothing wrong with that, but if you’re not passionate about the subject matter, you won’t stick around until the money arrives. You’ll be one of those people jumping from thing to thing to thing trying to find the thing that makes the money shoot out of your computer screen. I know this because I’ve been there!

Don’t sweat the small things. Find your passion, create content based on that passion, and leave it at that. The rest will happen naturally! I wrote an honest and detailed review. Boom! Front page of Google. If I can do it, anyone can!




































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