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Once in a while as an Internet Marketer, you come across something that you want to keep all to yourself. This is one of those things. I found a tool that is revolutionary for anyone who uses Social Media, a smartphone, and/or stuff that is connected to the Internet of things. So far, I’m using this tool to create content on one of my blogs automatically, mute my phone every night before bed, turn my ringer back on in the morning, and notify me each time the International Space Station passes over my home. These are just to name a few…I’ve also begun using this tool for my clients.

I’m Talking About If This Then That

If This Then That is a popular concept in programming, but this tool brings the idea to those of us who couldn’t program our way out of a paper bag. How does this apply to the things I’ve listed above? Well, if it’s bed time, then my ringer is muted. If it’s 7am, then my ringer is turned on again. If my client posts to his Facebook page, then post the same content to his Pinterest account. Make sense? Let’s take a look.

if this then that

It doesn’t look like much, eh? Recipes? Yes, recipes. That’s what these If This Then That actions are called. Once you’ve created your account, and you’re going to want to create one, click Channels in the top navigation. This is where you’ll be able to see all the things you can connect to IFTTT. There are currently as of this writing, 212 different channels. In addition to Social Media channels, you’ll find certain brands of thermostat, alarm systems, appliances, Android phones, iOS, blogs, news, and more. So how can you use all of this to your advantage?

If you’re creative, you can experiment with creating your own recipes. I clicked Browse and explored the existing recipes first, and that’s where I found most of mine. IFTTT has created a number of collections which you can view by clicking here.  Here’s a sampling:


How To Get Started

You created an account, right? Get crackin’. Now, connect your Channels. It’s as simple as being logged into the accounts you want to connect to IFTTT. If works like signing into various places with Facebook or Google+. Some channels will be connected automatically. If you’d like to connect your smartphone, install the IFTTT app from your app store. If you’re not sure what to connect or which recipes you want to run, browse those first. When you click on a recipe to set it up, you can connect your Channels then. Now you’re cooking.

If you’re feeling lost, don’t worry. IFTTT has a rather annoying email campaign that will suggest recipes for you to try. You can also follow them via their blog and get updates on Reddit as well.

Did you notice that this awesomeness is completely free? Boy, oh boy, I sure love free. I can’t believe there isn’t more buzz going around about this tool. I learned about it on Reddit. Someone posted about it in an obscure subreddit that I follow, and I knew I had to try it.

If You’re Wondering About That Autoblog

Being a blogger/writer/author myself, I’m not big on the idea of autoblogging. I’m definitely not cool with scraping blogs for content or basically stealing content. I’m not sure about the ethics of this process. That being said, it didn’t stop me from giving it a try. Most Internet Marketers could benefit from being able to fill a blog quickly without having to take the time to write it all themselves. There are a couple ways to go about this, but here’s what I did.

I’ve had a Blogger account for ages, and you probably have one too if you have a gmail address.

  • Just head over to https://www.blogger.com/
  • You need an idea of what you want your new blog to be about. You also need a Reddit account and the name of a subreddit pertaining to the niche you’ve picked for your blog. In my case, I decided to create a quotations blog and I’m pulling my content from the subreddit, /r/QuotePorn.
  • Click the New Blog button and run through the prompts to create your blog. You can do it all in a few minutes including choosing a layout. If you get stuck, Google has the answers.
  • Once your blog is set up, you are ready to create your recipe. On https://ifttt.com, select the Reddit channel for This. You’ll want to choose the “if any new post in a subreddit” option. Type the name of the subreddit you want to use as a content source. If you’re not familiar with Reddit, get that way. Select your new Blogger blog for That.That’s it. each time a new post is added to that subreddit, it will post to your blog. Here’s mine – http://theysaiditbetter.blogspot.com

they said it better


If you’re looking to build a really nice blog, you can always go in and clean up the posts a bit, add tags, remove duplicates, etc. You can even export the content later if you decide to move to self-hosted WordPress or whatever.

Wow Your Clients and Save Time

I’ve recently taken on some SEO clients, and IFTTT has become an essential part of the online presence I create for them. Howso? Well, I can easily create a blog for them. I can also automate some of their Social Media. For example, I created a Pinterest and Tumblr account for an HVAC client. I was able to find loads of content on Pinterest and pin it to a few boards I created. I created a recipe for each time I pinned a new pin on Pinterest, it would also automatically add a post to the queue on my client’s Tumblr blog. With just a few minutes of pinning, I create a drip feed of content for the next two weeks. Two birds; one stone achievement unlocked.

This particular client also likes to post images to his Facebook account, so I added a recipe that creates a blog post of his pictures as well. Consider what type of content your clients create or what kind you can create for them. Use that to your advantage. Since this particular client of mine likes to take pictures, I could also attach a Flickr account or even Instagram. The possibilities are endless.

Shhhh, Don’t Tell Anyone

I know it’s that good, right? You want to fold it up and stick in your pocket so no one else can know about it. If too many people start using it, they might want to charge for it. Ugh, I know! I’d pay for it though! That’s saying something because I don’t pay for much. I determine the value of things by comparing them with Netflix. Netflix costs me around 12 bucks a month. I pay a little extra to have more streaming devices. That’s unlimited streaming for hours and hours. I can always find something to watch and be entertained. It’s an enormous value to me with a small price tag. So, if you want me to buy your service online it better pack a punch with a ton of value and a cheap price. Unfair? Maybe…but you can’t deny the value. So, yeah…I’d pay for IFTTT. That makes having it free even more awesome.

What are you going to do with it?


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