Jack Davies’ How to Make Money Online (The Simple Way) Review

I bought this book on Amazon, and devoured it twice. I did the initial read one day, and an in-depth study the next complete with nearly 9 pages of notes.
That affiliate link wouldn’t be there if I didn’t think this book was all that and a bag of chips. With a $2.99 price tag, I’ll only get pennies anyway. This book is worth more than Tom Ness’ $9.95 book I purchased. It’s worth way more than a measly 3 bucks because it is packed to the rafters with information. It leaves nothing out.

What’s Inside?

It takes you from creating the necessary accounts to getting traffic once your site is established. The sole focus is affiliate marketing, but it does offer some alternative information in short at the end. I actually ended up buying all 3 of Jack’s books on Amazon.
Here’s a rundown of what’s in this one:
  • Choosing a product
  • Where to get products
  • Creating the necessary accounts to promote products
  • Establishing a PayPal account so you can get paid
  • Building a simple WordPress site
  • Setting up your WordPress site
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) post-Google Keyword Tool
  • Writing content
  • Where to buy content if you don’t want to write it (not Fiverr)
  • Driving Traffic
  • Building backlinks (good backlinks)
  • Developing a system to keep going
  • What to do if you’re not making money
  • Detailed troubleshooting
  • How to use a site that isn’t earning in a different way to recoup your time and investment (Adsense)

What’s Under the Hood

This book clocks in at 131 pages; 33000 words. It was published in September 2013, so it deals exclusively with building your site to succeed after all the recent Google updates. Amazon customers give it 5 stars, but it only has 3 reviews. I plan to write one. In fact, my review might hit Amazon before this one gets published.

The Down and Dirty Truth

I’ve said it before…affiliate marketing is a TON of work. It’s writing, web design, research, writing, mundane task after mundane task, oh, and research. It is SERIOUS work. It’s a lot of time in front of the computer. It’s a business. It’s a lot of focus. It is only as hard as you make it.

What Affiliate Marketing is Not

  • A get rich quick thang
  • A push-button system
  • Article marketing
  • A bunch of fancy technical knowledge
  • For everyone
Any marketer who promises you a quick and easy affiliate marketing gimmick is LYING. Unless you have a significant amount of money to outsource all the tasks, there’s nothing quick or easy about it. It will take you around a month just to get to the point of generating traffic. Even so, you will still have A LOT of work to do between writing for your site and building backlinks.
Nothing in Jack Davies’ book is really automated. His methods require that you have a hand or four in everything. You’ll be keeping detailed records of everything you do, so you can tweak accordingly and to keep up with the sheer volume of tasks. Jack does outline a few tools that will help you immensely, but everything you do to promote your product will be touched by you personally.
Like I said, you can outsource, but would you really want to? It would be a significant investment, and would require that different people act as you to complete different aspects of the promotion. In the end, the style would be all over the place, and nothing would be personally you. I honestly feel that things have a much better chance in succeeding if you complete at least your first few sites yourself.

Is There Anything to Buy

Just the book. Jack talked about one paid tool in the whole book, but offered free alternatives. Of course you need a domain and hosting to build your site on, but that is less than 20 bucks and only after you read this book!


Personally, I think Jack should fire his writing partner. This book was laid out nice, but it was lacking a Table of Contents. These are helpful when navigating a book on Kindle. There were also a number of typos, and I mean enough to talk about. A few is to be expected, but there were quite a few. However, these did not take away from the quality and quantity of information provided in this book.


I highly recommend this book. I probably should have waited until I tried out this system, but I wanted to write the review while the content was fresh in my mind. You can bet I’ll be back with a money report. Until then…I’m going to roll with this. I’m done buying products for a while. Overall, I give this book a solid 5 stars.


  1. jackie

    Thank your for taking the time to write a review. Did it work out for you?

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Well, I’m not rolling in the dough yet.


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