Why Internet Marketers Never Give Out Their Money Making Secrets Free

Well, first, you might want to ask yourself why you expect anything free? It’s a harsh question, but you might as well get used to it if that’s your mindset. I don’t think as many people think that way as we’d like to think though. Does it make us feel better about ourselves?

It’s all rubbish. It’s neither here nor there in what we’re trying to accomplish here.

I never felt I should get anything for free, but I did feel I should be rewarded for hard work. I also felt like if I showed initiative, I should be encouraged to continue and promised a nice reward as an incentive. It’s almost the same thing, huh? When you grow up in America, you’re constantly fed this line as a kid, “You can be and do anything you want as long as your put your mind to it.” What does that even mean…put your mind to what?

There was always a disconnect for me. I was completely of the school of “putting my mind to it”, but without a guide or breadcrumbs along my path, I stumbled blindly along. Parts of my mind are still lost to this day. ūüėõ

Let’s talk it out. Whatdya say?

The Best Things in Life are Free. Money is NOT One of Them

As I’m getting more and more serious about this journey, I’m starting to see how much work goes into putting together all of the pieces. I’m a decade into this, and I’m pulling from that entire time span to do what I’m doing. I don’t even know if it works yet! I’m seeing some positive things happen. I’m also beginning to understand why gurus don’t tell ya this stuff for free…at least not all of it in one place.¬†The sheer volumes I could fill with the knowledge and experience that have led me to this point.

There are a couple things I could do to ramp up the success:

  1. Charge you for what I know up to this point
  2. Keep going until I can prove my success

I think most people would, and probably do, go with the path of least resistance here. and build upon it once the other thing is apparent. What I mean is, in order to boost myself toward success, I would charge people who know less to get them on my level. Then I would use that success to push myself forward. Makes sense, right? That’s what thousands of Internet Marketers do everyday. I certainly didn’t understand this before now.

Let Me Pay Once I’m Making Money

If that marketer really wanted to help you, they would let you pay once you’ve made the money they’re promising you’ll earn, right?¬†I’ve thought this before in the past as well. I knew in my heart that I was good for the money if only I could catch a break! That marketer doesn’t know that, but what they do know is that you’re going to be super busy with your new business once you see success.

Since I’ve been doing some testing and trying things on my own, I’ve noticed that I feel more secretive about what I’m doing. It’s only natural. I’m putting in a lot of time and work to find what works for me in my business. This is work I alone can do. It’s not for rent or sale at this moment. It’s still in the testing phase, and once I do figure it out, that effort will come with an obvious price tag. At this point, it’s absurd to think that it wouldn’t.

Still, I know how you feel, because that was me¬†prior to about a month ago….maybe less.

Newsflash! Money Making Secrets FREE!

The odds are, your favorite marketer or guru probably is putting a lot of stuff out there for free. Do they have a website or a blog? All free content for you to freely consume. What about their email list? Are you taking advantage of any gold they might be sending out to their subscribers? You could be missing epic free, exclusive offers.

I’m gonna tell you like a frriend…look around. Pay attention. Become a gold-medal Googler. That ebook you’re dying for, but won’t fork over the cash to buy could be yours for the taking if you know what you’re doing. Now before you get all up in arms, I’m not condoning pirating here.¬†Anyone who knows me, knows I’m as White Hat as they come. I am; however, condoning good research skills in the form of Internet search.¬†For serious!

In recent weeks, I have padded my hard drive with PLR materials, graphics, and ebooks with Master Resell Rights. If you’re subscribed to my list, you may have reaped the benefits of some of these great finds. The Internet is chock full of digital assets, many of which I haven’t seen before, and I get around, y’all. Here’s the other thing that may not have occurred to you, and listen closely…

Everything you get when you subscribe here at StackingBenjis.com is free. It’s either created by me or has been licensed to share. That means that you can make a copy, package it up, and use it to build YOUR list! Take advantage and go subscribe now. =>>

hellurr madea

So, it very well could be that your favorite marketer is giving you everything they possibly can for free and asking, what is in reality, a nominal fee for their paid stuff. I know it’s hard to believe, but I am really beginning to see and understand why this is the case. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it any easier for you. Especially when that aforementioned nominal fee is a several hundred dollars out of your price range. I understand this completely.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Because this is a “make money online” blog, I get a number of emails from my Contact form asking me for help. I dread getting to the point where I actually have the means to help people because I won’t have the excuse of not having the means. I have a genuine desire to help others otherwise this would be a worthless endeavor. Honestly, if I can’t help someone with what I’m doing here, there’s no reason to do it.

I don’t know if you believe in a higher power, but I do, and God basically impressed upon me these two things about handouts:

  1. Not everyone likes handouts or appreciates charity. To some, it’s insulting.
  2. By attempting to pave an easier path for someone, you could be robbing them of the bigger plan and/or blessing God had in store for them down the road.

Seems legit.

A million times I’ve wished for a break in this business, but never a handout.

You’re Doing It Wrong

Anyway, that’s not how you make it in this business anyway, to be frank. None of the marketers you know and love started from a handout. You’re always, always going to invest one of two things, and most of the time it will be both:

  • Time
  • Money

You must bring your sacrifice to reap the blessings.

So, by even stepping toward this business thinking you can’t afford to start, or you deserve something for free, or with your outstretched hand is the wrong approach. You should walk away now…OR, you can hope no one saw you, and put that hand to work!

7 Steps to Money Making Secrets Free

  1. Make a plan
  2. Choose a market
  3. Decide if you will invest time, money, or both
  4. Build your business using your plan and investment
  5. Test and learn
  6. Help others by employing them and/or teaching them
  7. Shake hands with success

It’s truly that simple, and the real key here is testing and learning. That is how you find what works and you are able to create your own methods. Methods make money.

[BONUS]¬†In case the “plan” part is too vague:¬†

You plan will consist of the following:

  1. Choosing a method (just one)¬†– preferably one with proven results that you can see from testimonials. Don’t be afraid to open a personal line of communication with the method creator. If they don’t want to build a relationship with you, find a new¬†method…and guru!
  2. Working that method until it works – if the method you chose is proven (and it should be by testimonials, reviews, and an open line of communication with the creator), you know it works. Make it work for you no matter how long it takes.
  3. Testing new ways or trying a new method – this is where your own “guru” will kick in. You only do this once you’ve made the method work. a.k.a. you’re making money
  4. Teaching – mentoring and teaching others based on your own tests and methods either through a digital medium like ebooks, videos, or in person. Set your price.

Honestly, that’s the freaking secret.

I hope this post doesn’t infuriate you. I would have scoffed at this decade ago, and then I’d be sitting here smacking myself for not accepting the idea. Trust, I’ve been there many times over the last couple years with list building and other things.¬†

Leave a comment if you got something out of this or if you just want to rant or whine about your journey. I love hearing from you. Don’t forget to subscribe. =>>

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