Vick Strizheus: What I Learned From My First and Last “Free Webinar”

vick strizheus and free webinars

[UPDATE] – See my updated review on Vick Strizheus and his latest Project Breakthrough.  All I keep thinking is, “I should have known.” I attended my first and last “free webinar” last night. I didn’t even make it all the way through. I bailed 1.5 hours in because NOTHING of substance had been discussed yet. I was hoodwinked into this one because a trusted friend was promoting the event, so…
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If This Then That: Don’t Tell Anyone

IFTTT collections

Once in a while as an Internet Marketer, you come across something that you want to keep all to yourself. This is one of those things. I found a tool that is revolutionary for anyone who uses Social Media, a smartphone, and/or stuff that is connected to the Internet of things. So far, I’m using this tool to create content on one of my blogs automatically, mute my phone every…
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Publishing Ebooks for Profit

publishing ebooks for profit

Ebooks have been booming for about 5 years now. They were huge before, but when ereaders hit the market, it exploded. Digital book formats make it much easier for readers to get their hands on books. Not to mention, book prices are often significantly cheaper in this medium, so readers can get more books for the price of one. Of course, marketers have jumped on this as an area to…
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Let’s Talk About Upwork

about upwork

A little backstory first…I created a profile on Upwork more than 5 years ago. I had been laid off from my job, and my situation was nearing desperation. Now, if you’ve spent any time at all in Internet Marketing then you know that none of it falls in the category of “get rich quick”. It won’t even fit inside of “get a few bucks quick”. Pretty much all of it requires a…
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The Work From Home Life

work from home

It’s Been a While… My apologies. I’m just under a month to it being a full year since my last post. In my last post, I was nearing the end of the deep throes of frantically trying to find a way to have my own business. It’s no different today, but things have changed a bit. Unfinished Business As I was going through all of the posts here today (all…
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KingHuman Elite Membership – Why I Don’t Recommend It


Last Update – 12/18/2016 – Be sure and check my EDIT below from a year after this initial review for a lot more info. I delve into the Money Pages and the Forums. So, I came across this guy several months ago on YouTube who calls himself KingHuman. I subscribed to his channel because he had some unique ideas, and he was kinda funny albeit abrupt at times. A few months after…
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Jack Davies’ How to Make Money Online (The Simple Way) Review

I bought this book on Amazon, and devoured it twice. I did the initial read one day, and an in-depth study the next complete with nearly 9 pages of notes. That affiliate link wouldn’t be there if I didn’t think this book was all that and a bag of chips. With a $2.99 price tag, I’ll only get pennies anyway. This book is worth more than Tom Ness’ $9.95 book…
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New Insight on Niches

I wrote  on niches not so long ago, and I wanted to revisit this topic. I’m sure this won’t be the last time. Tonight, I sat down and wrote a list that I should have written in 2006. I would like to encourage you whether you are just starting out or if you are a seasoned seeker like me. Sit down right now or at your earliest convenience and compost…
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