Super Cheap Products and Worthless Email Lists

cheap products

Over the last week or so, I’ve bought a few products from WarriorPlus. There will be no affiliate links in this post. That’s how bad they were.

The first product I got was Rob Cornish’s offering which I reviewed. That one was decent. The other 3 or 4 I got were garbage. Now, I don’t want to name names and call people out because I don’t feel that’s good marketing on my end, but I think it’s important to note what bad products look like.

1. Super Cheap Products and Expensive Ones

All of these products were super cheap…well under $10. One of them was free tacked on with another one. I even bought one for $1 about the same time I got Rob Cornish’s product. The super cheap price is a definite selling point for me since I don’t have a ton of cash to invest. It’s unfortunate at the same time because I’m always on the lookout for things to share with my readers, and there needs to be a Square 1 for y’all to start with.

There are some people out there who actually teach selling high-ticket items, and I have a problem even considering investing in something like that when I see the cheaper variants. Some would argue that you get what you pay for. Well, I paid for a simple method to make a little bit of money so I can invest it back into my business to learn more and maybe buy a more expensive product.

Every time I’ve gone for that, I’ve gotten nowhere.

I had an online friend who recently launched a $10000 product. I was a reviewer and affiliate of that product, but you haven’t seen it here because I just can’t endorse it.

The idea is to get 10 buyers at $10000 rather than 10000 buyers at $10. I get it, but which one is better?

Neither. If it doesn’t help you do whatever the sale letter said it should/could/would, then they are both worthless.

2. Made for Quick Profit

There’s a certain type of marketer out there, and this is what they do to make a living while they live under the guise of “Internet Marketing”.

They develop product after product after product and go for the super quick sale and profit.

They are creating content and content is king.

Not necessarily, only GOOD content is king.

I recently put out a course on IFTTT. I haven’t gotten much response, and I honestly don’t know if anyone has consumed that content. *checks YouTube views*

Only 2 or 3 views on each video, so nil. I didn’t charge for the course because I didn’t feel there was enough value to try and profit from it. Don’t get me wrong, IFTTT is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen from a marketing and content standpoint, but my course was a one-trick pony, and it was far from exhaustive.

Even so, I spent a day on it, so I spun it into a list builder.

I find it really discouraging to create content that falls dead like that when I’m genuinely trying to help, but hey, that’s the name of the game. I think it’s time for some paid traffic.

I will not run my business in a way that forces me to compromise myself ethically and morally.

3. Upsells Out the Wazoo

These guys love to piggyback their products, and if they don’t have any products, they will piggyback someone else’s.

I clicked purchase, and headed to the product link to check out my new shiny, and boom, 6 pages of upsells. Here’s an example:

2016-06-27_10-40-43 2016-06-27_10-41-20 2016-06-27_10-41-45

This one was light, it only had 3 upsells. These screen caps are just the lower half of the pages showing the price, etc. Above was a video of the seller telling you why you should buy the upsell. Ad nauseum.

This must work since there are 8 jillion people doing it, but this just isn’t how I want to run my business. I’d rather be broke…obviously.

4. Build That List, Send Them More Crap To Buy

All these guys have one thing right, they’re getting those opt-ins.

I ended up on no less than 6 email lists. I’m not your run-of-the-mill subscriber, though. If I don’t see value, I will unsubscribe in a heartbeat.

At least 2 of these guys sent me multiple emails about the same product in a couple days, and they were copy and paste. They said the same thing with the same links in the same spots.

The emails they sent were only to sell more products. They didn’t balance it with helpful content. It was obvious the main objective was to sell more stuff.

I let them know when I unsubscribed that I thought that was crap thanks to Aweber’s “reason for unsubscribing”

.NOTE: This was NOT the case with Rob Cornish. I keep mentioning him because I got his product around this same time and it was a cheap product. He is the exception, not the rule.

5. Videos, Not Ebooks

I have several online friends who love this jump from product to product model and think it’s the way to make money online. However, they like the bigger ticket items.

They tell me that you MUST do video, not ebooks.

I lightly tested this theory with my IFTTT course. So far, it’s bollocks.

Video is NOT my forte, but writing sure is. It’s how I make my living. It’s why I chose blogging.

Even if I do video which is much quicker than writing, I will always include a PDF supplement whether it’s an ebook or just a cheat sheet.

6. These Products…

Heck, I’ll show you a product page.

product page

My Thoughts on This Product

They look good enough. They always have some name like Commission Hopper, or CPA King, or Project Breakthrough <–har har.

The first thing on the page is a basic logo probably from Fiverr.

They’re all pretty much the same: videos on the right, navigation, supplements, and upsells to the left.

This “members area” isn’t a members area. It’s a page created with ClickFunnels designed to deliver the product content and upsells. In order to have a true membership site, one must have a more robust website than one page on ClickFunnels.

All of these products had about 5 videos give or take 1. Rob Cornish’s product allowed me to download the videos. These others did not. In order to maintain access to the content, one would have to bookmark the page.

All of the buttons, etc. are drag and drop ClickFunnels designs. I don’t have anything bad to say about them. They are clean and nice enough.

As you can see, the basic premise behind this particular product is to create certain accounts to basically duplicate what this person has done not unlike….Project Breakthrough.

What They Did Right

I already mentioned that he nabbed my opt-in, and how nice and clean the page is. There are a few other things I like about it:

  • The logo IS a nice touch
  • He offered MULTIPLE bonuses among his upsells
  • He provided PDF supplements
  • He kept it short with 5 videos

One of the things I absolutely abhor about these course-style products is video and those who make super long videos when they could cover their points in 30 seconds.

If I am going to spend hours and hours and DAYS (Project Breakthrough) with a course, it better be the key to my success as a marketer. Furthermore, I, as in me, need to see it as the key to my success. Of course the creator of the content is going to think it fits the bill. Needless to say, I haven’t found it yet.

This guy did okay, but he did ramble a bit, and the free course in the Bonuses was even worse. I ramble, we all ramble, that’s why I write scripts for my videos now. I think I will try one of those videos where the onscreen Powerpoint slides offer the visual to what I’m saying.

What They Did Wrong

  • The videos aren’t downloadable. This is just a nice touch. Sure, someone might use them as their own, but that is going to happen anyway, I promise. I can show you 5 places to get products like this that were WSO’s at the Warrior Forum, and more FREE. It’s just reality. Pirates exist.
  • A little too much to the left. He offers his book in like 7 formats. *exaggerates*
  • The first video is useless. In the first video, he just goes over what’s in the course. Well, I can plainly see that, AND I can read! Thanks.
  • The last video is useless. There’s no quota. Show me how to do it. When you’re done, that’s it. There’s not need to upload something random to get 5 videos.
  • Building with ClickFunnels. ClickFunnels is a monthly service that will run you about $97 a month. If you’re an established marketing, I guess that’s fine; however, if you miss a payment, all that content is gone. All of those assets you built for your business will no longer generate leads.

 How We Can Make Better Products

At the end of the day, these are amateur products. These guys are amateurs not gurus. They will never have authority.

I prefer to do things differently.

My Website

Here, I have a fine WordPress site. It’s mine. I own it. I have copies of everything on it. I have backups. The list goes on. My hosting payment runs me about $10 a month currently. If I miss one, I know the guys at the hosting company, so I can probably work something out with them. If I can’t. I have backups. I simply re-upload the site when I secure hosting.

My Landing Pages

If I’m going to build landing pages and member areas, I’m going to do it here, not on some ClickFunnels or Lead Pages, or whatever subdomain, and redirect it here so it can disappear if I can’t pay those other guys. I’m already paying to host my content.

I would use a WordPress plugin like Thrive Leads. <– Not an affiliate link although I wish it were. They are not accepting new affiliates.

It’s a one-off payment, and I can build GREAT-looking landing pages. No one will be able to tell it’s not Lead Pages or ClickFunnels.

My Products

My products won’t be just a rehash of “How to Be An Affiliate Marketer” with a “do exactly as I do” feel including affiliate links to whatever crapola I used to create the course.

I believe that in order to be an authority in Internet marketing and truly help people, you have to constantly test things out for yourself. There’s no magic button or key to success. You find it on your own, and then you use what you found to help others find it.

  • I LOVE to pack value! If you’ve been around here any length of time, you know I’ve been called out on comparing products to my Netflix account. <– In the comments on that post. Anyway, I do that because Netflix is a lesson in providing value. They pack TONS of entertainment in 8 bucks a month.
  • I would host MY products here on MY website.
  • I would also make every attempt to have evergreen products and keep them up forever. If your product truly has value, it will last. With them here on my site, I have the option to update and/or remove them should they become outdated.
  • I’ll do my best not to waste your time. I’m not going to put out 200 hours worth of video to accomplish a 20-minute training just so I can charge my asking price.

I do believe there are tried and true methods to do things, but I also think there is great value in being original. How do you think people found those tried and true strategies in the first place?

My List

I’m certainly not opposed to using my list for selling, but does it have to be EVERYDAY, multiple times a day? What do you think, list? Hit reply and answer. How long would you all stay subscribed if I started trying to sell you something everyday?

My subscribers get:

  • My blog posts to their inbox. They can read what grabs them and ignore the rest
  • Access to a folder on my Google Drive with lots of stuff in it – you can read about it in the sidebar >>>
  • My free and paid recommendations

I don’t send out a bunch of guru spam or crappy products. If I wanted to, I could jump right on the bandwagon with these guys and start peddling the same crap. Again, list, what would you think of that? I don’t think much of it, that’s why I don’t do it and I unsubscribe to others who do.


Before we sell a product, we should ask ourselves this question. We can do better. It doesn’t even take that much to do better. We should be able to blow these guys out of the proverbial water. That’s what I aim to do. If these dudes are making a living off of this garbage, then I want to make mine off better garbage. 😛 Not really, I want to make mine off providing YOU with better products! Stay tuned!

P.S. Now I’m getting emails about webinars. I hate webinars so hard!

On A Comical Note….

I originally posted this post with an image for the wrong website!



  1. Shane

    I agree about your list query. I have subscribed and purchased courses or packages and you instantly receive an email trying to sell you the exact item that you just purchased and you keep getting that same email week after week. That autoresponder is set up poorly in my opinion. I subscribed to a forum the other day and throughout the process I had to optin four times. Then I received four emails immediately. That’s a little foolish on part of the designer.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      You’re so right, Shane. God forbid you actually buy something and have to opt out for 14 things before you can see the product you just bought. Apparently these dudes make bank with these horrible models. I don’t understand it. It’s just now how I want to run my business. Thanks for taking the time to comment. =)


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