KingHuman Elite Membership – Why I Don’t Recommend It


Last Update – 12/18/2016 – Be sure and check my EDIT below from a year after this initial review for a lot more info. I delve into the Money Pages and the Forums.

So, I came across this guy several months ago on YouTube who calls himself KingHuman. I subscribed to his channel because he had some unique ideas, and he was kinda funny albeit abrupt at times. A few months after I started watching him on the regular, he rolled out his paid membership site in September 2013. This is pretty much what most of his videos look like:

He’s usually in his home office in front of these three screens. As of this writing, he has uploaded 623 videos. He claims to have gotten his start in Internet Marketing by selling Halloween items on eBay. He says he made like 75 grand on the rights to some book he bought from a guy back when it was a viable option to sell digital products on eBay. He participates in stock trading. He visits Las Vegas and Hawaii on a regular basis. He’s usually in Vegas about once a month. Supposedly.

I say “supposedly” because there’s really no evidence of any of the above. For example, his websites look like crap in my personal opinion. Now, I’m no creator of dynamic and awesome websites, but I prefer my methods over his. Screen Cap 1 Screen Cap

Now while this isn’t really a website critique, what do you honestly think? Visit the links, click around. It feels like 2002 in there…at best. Recently, he decided to overhaul the member forum. All the old posts gone. Members had to re-register at the new forum to participate. All of the posts and unanswered questions were deleted. I can’t tell by looking at the page source what platform he used for these sites. He might be old school hand-coding them in HTML. Props for that, but it doesn’t really make for a professional site unless you are a professional coder.

What’s Inside The King Human Elite Member Site?

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You can browse a good portion of the site without paying. Anything of value is locked away behind the member area, and it will cost you a whopping $15 bucks a month to get inside.

Once a month KingHuman posts a Money Page chock full of links to video courses, e-books, and unique ideas. Everything is available to Elite members for download as a part of the membership. There are graphics packs and other logistics available for use as well. My take is that it’s not worth $15 per month. It’s all things that you can find around the net for free if you know where to look.

Basically, the only value is that some of the ideas presented are unique. They are not things that you will find just anywhere. However, these ideas are almost all presented in his FREE YouTube videos. There’s nothing extra to it. He presents a TON of ideas, but there’s never any how-to information to support it. It is left up to you to take action and go through the trial and error on your own. If you don’t succeed, then the fault is yours. That is the general premise. It’s not very newbie friendly. Usually, when I pay for information, I expect that information to help me avoid at least some of the trial and error.

Along the lines of website design, there were some WordPress themes and plugins available as well. Why doesn’t KingHuman use WordPress? Not to mention when he revamped his forum, it appears to be some sort of script rather than installed PHPBB or something similar on a subdomain. Speaking of domains, the site is Even I know that using “the” isn’t the greatest SEO move in the world. It doesn’t look like or seem like he knows what he’s doing.

There was absolutely no information about how to set up a site and drive traffic since the recent updates at Google and how to do it without the Keyword Tool that Google retired this year. Of the dozens of videos, nothing indicated that it was up-to-date information. I’m not going to waste time sifting through all of that trying to figure out what is actually usable.

Is Anyone Succeeding With KingHuman?

Honestly, I don’t know. I think a lot of people, myself included, joined the site for the personal interaction with KingHuman via the forums. What I found were a lot of people with unanswered questions. There were several Deleted User accounts where it seemed obvious that members had canceled their memberships. There was a thread where KingHuman was talking about being in Las Vegas meeting with some of his Elite members. Also on the thread were other Elite members in Las Vegas inquiring where they were meeting in hopes of participating with no response.

I honestly didn’t see any evidence of success. Given the lack of information inside the Elite Membership, I could simply get the same amount of information from KingHuman’s free videos. If you have the ability to think outside the box at all, you might as well entertain your own ideas and go through the trial and error to make them work on your own. Seriously.

The Positives of KingHuman

  • The guy seems to genuinely want to help people make money. He’s just such a mess of unorganized ideas with no follow-through that it’s really counter-productive.
  • He also encourages giving to charity in ALL of his videos. He touts St. Jude’s Research Hospital without ceasing.
  • His ideas ARE unique. He covers some things I’ve never thought about, but Bullet 1.

The Not-So-Positive

  • He’s kind of abrupt at times in a mock-insult sort of way.
  • He’s not as accessible as he would like to seem.
  • He makes a lot of claims, but there’s no evidence or people who corroborate these claims.


Save your dough! You could invest that 15 bucks into an autoresponder, Fiverr gigs, Netflix, or in other educational material that you pick and choose and get A LOT more value for your money. Stick to the free info that KingHuman puts out there. It’s FREE and of equal value to what you’ll find inside his Elite site.

EDIT: KingHuman One Year Later

The most popular article on this site is by far is this review of KingHuman’s Elite Member site from last year. I was a member for only a couple months because 15 bucks a month was a little steep. I don’t pay that for Netflix! Okay, so that’s a bad comparison, but there’s a lot of things you can do with $15 a month online. He was only a few months into that endeavor then too, so a year later, I would imagine one of two things has happened:

  1. He’s gotten better with the Money Pages which are the main part of the paid content. KingHuman puts a page together each month of freebies, money-making methods, courses, etc.
  2. He’s gotten lazy with the Monty Pages and being a member holds even less value now.

There’s no way to know without getting in there and having a look around. Let’s do it.

I’m in.

kinghuman elite member

First Observations

Since I was a member previously, my prior details were simply reinstated. This is a nice feature. KingHuman has moved his forums into the public space and set them up on…well, I can’t tell yet because I’m having to retrieve my previous password. I received 5 emails upon signing up not counting the two from PayPal notifying me of payment and recurring payment. So, he sets you up on an automatic subscription. However, this is not a problem as I recall it was simple to cancel the last time, and since it’s through PayPal, you can also shut off payments through them if you do have any issue.

He has archived all of the Money Pages from last year up through August of this year (2014). You can still view these pages which is nice. I haven’t managed to get into the forum yet. I had to do a Forgot Password on my previous account, and I’m still waiting for that email. We’ll look around the other areas a bit while we wait.

He does a monthly giveaway which is usually a Samsung Galaxy Tab. Not too shabby. He has done this every month since he started his Elite site. All Elite members are automatically entered to win and there is no additional requirement. If I open the site in a different instance of Chrome where I’m not logged in as a member, the only difference between the two is that link to the Money Pages. I’m not sure if non-paying members have access to the forums since it asks me to register an account…or if there are special paid forums remains to be seen. Try it for yourself —

The Forum

Alright, so I finally got into the forum. A year in, and there are still less than 3,000 posts total as of this writing. Perhaps this is why he moved the forum off his site and got a domain. The forum itself resembles an Internet Marketing board. There’s a marketplace, joint ventures forum, SEO, social media, and a lot of Make Money Online stuff. I’ll be going through and seeing what I can glean from the interactions there. In the meantime, I’m fairly sure you could access the forum by just creating an account. We’ll take a more in-depth look at these below.

So, thus far, for my 15 bucks, all I get is the Money Pages. Let’s take a look at them and see what we get. I’ll start with the ones for this current month since the December ones aren’t out yet.

The Money Pages

November Money Pages consist of 4 courses for download, most of which have resell rights. KingHuman touts this as “HUGE VALUE”…and it may very well be. Resell rights are nifty. It means not only do you get access to the course material yourself, but you can sell it how and wherever you wish. You can offer it has a free giveaway on your website to build your list. You can compile it into an ebook and put it on Amazon. You really can do a lot with stuff like this. My issue is that so can the 12,000 other people who have it. This makes for a saturated product. Also, if it’s being offered here, has KingHuman squeezed every last dime he could out of it?

The value of this type of offering banks on the small percentage of people who will actually take action on using it to make money. If you’re a newbie, you’re not going to understand all of the ways you can use it to make money. There goes 2/3 of the value if you ask me. Let’s look at another one.

The October 2014 Money Pages consist of 9 courses. *yawn* The September 2014 Money Pages include 3 WordPress themes and more courses. Now, I’m not giving out a lot of information here about what everything is about. KingHuman has a rather stiff disclaimer on his site, and I don’t want to dance with it too much. The courses are your run-of-the-mill stuff:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • List Building
  • Business in a Box
  • TeeSpring

Some of the items were created by KingHuman himself, but most of them don’t specify the creator. I’m going to take one, and track it down. Let’s find out where this stuff comes from.

Tracking a Non-KingHuman Product From the Money Pages – Where Does It Come From?

So, I just grabbed this from the Page: The EZ Money Quick Start Blueprint. I punched that into Google.

investigating kinghumanLet’s start from the top.

NOTE: I’m not hyperlinking these because I just see broken link issues later. I will put in the link and if you want to explore further, just copy and paste it into your browser. – Product URL:

This is set up by a couple fellows as a sales page for the master resell rights for this product. Current price: $5.19 If you’re an elite member, you got it as a part of your $15 a month. Basically, KingHuman spent around 5 bucks on this so he could include it in his money pages. – Product URL:

This may very well be where KingHuman got this product. It’s listed here with MRR (master resell rights) at $4.97. – Product URL:

Some bloke has already gone through the trouble of putting this on Amazon…in Paperback no less! The book is 24 pages long! It will cost you $8.09. There are NO reviews. There is also no Kindle Edition attached..let’s see if we can find one.

kinghuman products

Nope. If you have Kindle skills, you could corner the market there. I’m not sure why Stephen D. Elliott didn’t do it. He published this through CreateSpace which gives you an option to automatically send the book to Kindle Direct Publishing. Strange indeed.

I’m betting it’s also not in any of the other popular e-pubbing formats, and you could get it in about 5 places quickly by using Moving on. – Product URL:

Some random person slapped this on a blog. *yawn* Click to “read more”. I doubt he/she is making very many sales.

Google Books – Product URL:

Listed as 50 pages in length here. A bit of a contrast with the print version available on Amazon. If you click the Preview This Book link, the cheapest buying price as of yet is revealed. $3.82. However, this probably doesn’t include MRR. You can also get a preview of the first 14 pages of the book…FREE. This includes the table of content, so technically, this gives you enough info to be able to research the method and do it without buying the book or write your own ebook and sell it.

Facebook – – Product URL:

Yup, someone got them some MRR and slapped this on their website and linked to it from their dying Facebook page. ESaleStore appears to be a membership site where you get unlimited product downloads by being a member. Are you beginning to see how this works?

So, you create a membership site, charge whatever you want…say, oh, $14.99 a month. Then, each month you go out and find some low-cost products with resale rights and release them to your members. “Boom goes the dynamite!” You have your own Money Pages. – Product URL:

Same general idea here except you don’t have to be a member, you can just buy the products outright, one at a time. Here, we find the most expensive price thus far for the digital version of this product: $5.99 – Product URL:

Here, we see the cheapest price: $1.99. It says this is for today only, but who knows.


Alright, so…what have we learned here?

  1. Saturated Product – I was on the third page of search results before I saw a headline that didn’t start with the title of the product. There were more than 82,000 search results returned. You can see this in the screenshot above. This does appear to be a new product since none of the search result dates show anything earlier than September 2014. Even so, this product is EVERYWHERE and you would have a TON of competition if you tried to build a sales page and get it to rank. The only true value in this product is what you can learn from it yourself…not in the resale rights.
  2. Cheap Product – The product is a cheap PLR ebook. You can find these ALL day long with a Google search. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this wasn’t available free somewhere. Some people will give away products just for website traffic. NOTE: KH has this listed as “Business in a Box”.

This product was from the October 2014 Money Pages. It could have had value in early October, but as you can see it became quickly saturated. Most of the time with MRR, you can’t give the product away for free, but you can sell it any way you choose, even behind a member area like KingHuman does. Bascially, you could take the 15 bucks for a KingHuman Elite Membership and invest it in 3 products like this and have your own Money Page. KingHuman is smart, I’ll give him that.

The last Money Page that looks like KingHuman invested some real time in was August 2014. He posted an intro video that month and created a post for each entry. Looks mostly to be videos he created himself. No cheesy PLR courses or ebooks. Since the Money Pages are what you really pay for, they should be top-notch second-to-none content in my opinion, and they’re not.

Let’s explore the Forums for value.

An In-Depth Look at the Money Pages Forums

The following Forums are included:

  • Main
  • Marketplace
  • Support
  • Investment
  • Other

As of this writing, there are 549 topics total. I’m skipping such obligatory topics as introductions, forum rules, etc. I hit the Money Pages Main Forum topic and we’re off…A quick overview gives me the following info:

  • A user posted about failures. Here are some to watch out for: SiteBuildIt, Empower Network, and Insider Profit Club. Let me add, any “network” promising you huge profits is network and multi-level marketing. Beware! You might as well sell vacuums door to door.
  • Apparently you can make money creating courses on Udemy. That’s useful info.
  • I’m not the only one who fails to see value in the latest editions of the Money Pages. A user posted directly to KingHuman regarding the pages for this month and how it was just PLR rubbish. He made some really valid points like that 15 bucks not only pays for things like this, but for KingHuman’s personal insight, etc. I have yet to come across a post by KingHuman himself that isn’t the rules or whatever. It’s obvious, he doesn’t spend a lot of time there, he doesn’t spend much time on his websites (most of the content is the exact same as it was a year ago), and he isn’t spending much time on these Money Pages.

I’m on to the Successes forum. This seems like a good place to see if and what is working for people.

  • There’s a ton of views on this forum. This is obviously what everyone wants to know about.
  • First post is a guy doing videos on Clickbank products and then using tools to rank the video. Making a little money here and there.
  • Second post…some idiot paid $1000 to learn WordPress. I hope that included coding from scratch because that’s the only thing I don’t know how to do and I taught myself WordPress in a matter of days for FREE! There you go. If you know WordPress, make a course and sell it. Useful.
  • Clickbank+Facebook ads = $$
  • – KingHuman student success. User posted the success of this site. 3 sales in January. Blog and Facebook Page dead since April. Wonder if they still feel the success?
  • I’d keep going but the page maxes out at 28 topics. None of them are the type of success you might expect as a newbie or long-time subscriber to KingHuman. No rags to riches success stories.

There’s a Services For Hire forum where you can rip off your fellow Elite members. Okay, I know, not everyone is trying to rip people off. It just doesn’t seem like a forum like this would be very effective among a group who are all trying to succeed.

The forum, as best as I can tell, is open to the public once you create an account. It doesn’t appear it is reserved for Elite members only anymore. So, if you want to know/see more. Join up.

My Overall Thoughts

I still hold to what I said in my post on this last year. The best KingHuman content is still coming out on his YouTube channel free of charge. Take the 15 bucks you would spend on this, and invest in your own business. You can grab a domain and hosting for about the same amount. If you don’t know how, hit me up in the comments. I’m serious. I can hook you up VERY CHEAPLY with a WordPress website.

Let’s talk about what you can do with WordPress in relation to what we’ve covered in this post.

  • First and foremost, you can build a website with it. Yeah, I know it’s a blogging platform, but it’s also the best website platform you can own.
  • You can build your list. Yup, it’s fairly simple to set up your site to build your list with MailChimp. Seriously, research it. It’s cheap to do!
  • You can build any type of website. That’s right. You can build forums, blogs, member sites, stores, and pretty much anything else you can thing of with and on WordPress.

Yes, I said member site. Say you contacted me for that cheap WordPress site I mentioned above…you could take that and build a membership site just like KingHuman’s. So, if you took your first month of KH Elite membership cost to buy your site, the second month could buy your first round of Money Pages. Of course, you would want to be more original and I would also suggest really trying to provide value to your members. KingHuman is obviously sitting on a gold mine here. You see, he’s not worried about member retention. He’s gaining new members all the time at 15 bucks a pop. He got my 15 bucks, didn’t he? I paid it so you don’t have to. I’ve given you a look inside. I’m saying you could do it better.

You might ask, why am I not doing this then? I talk a good line here, huh? Well, I just might. I have a lot of irons in the fire. Just this post has taken me more than 3 hours to prepare. There’s nothing in this for me aside from what I’m learning here just like you. Do you see any ads here? I haven’t made one cent with this site. So, why do I keep maintaining it? I get traffic with this site. Like I said before, I have fun writing for this site as well.

Anyway…back to what I was saying…

The TL;DR version of all of this is: 

KingHuman Elite still isn’t worth the money. Watch him on YouTube. It’s free. I’ll be canceling my membership after I see the Money Pages for December.



    this is all bullshit, kinghuman is awesome and makes over 1000 people their living, so dont go talking crap about him. I bet u couldnt even sign into ebay dumbass.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Well, since I’m not really into censoring comments that seem to come from actual people, I let your rubbish comment through. I hope you get a great backlink to your website.

      1. Bruce

        LOL! Aren’t you just devastated by this high value constructive critique from an obviously intelligent and caring person?

        1. Ava (Post author)

          Oh yes. I was suicidal for a month. *eye roll*

    2. John

      Ohhh really ? In my opinion, he is youtube clown with unhelpful videos.. His “elite” members are is a joke and is it not worth a penny. My suggestion: Do not join with KingHuman !!!!

  2. Joe

    I would not be in the least surprised if that abusive comment was from Kinghuman himself. I watched some of his hyped up videos and at first found him amusing, at first. He always claims he is this “mental patient” and you think ha ha. But now I wonder if he is actually being accurate.
    Like you say’s all big talking ideas and no demonstrations at all that any of it works in practice. I decided to ask him on his site for some follow up information about some big claims he had made. The response was a blistering personal attack that was frankly shocking. I had been totally polite and positive, his reply was totally unhinged and downright vicious!
    I then recalled one video he made issuing an apology to someone it seems he had seriously upset. For this he removed the trademark sunglasses for once. It must have been bad for him to feel some twinge of conscience because frankly he seems like a seriously deluded and deranged person.
    My advice to anyone who starts believing his hype is to disregard it as just that and move on to a site where people are at least treated as civilized human beings and not, as the self appointed King calls us “monkeys with car keys!”.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hey Joe, thanks for the comment. It’s always nice to find out you’re not the only one who thinks something is awry. I agree with you whole-heartedly.

      1. Joe

        Thank you Ava! I am relieved as well because all I see is sycophantic responses to this guy who clearly are all stirred up by his showboating and hype, “you could easily make $4000 in a day!” etc.
        I also find in general that those who talk loudly about giving to charity often are using it to deflect criticism, especially when it is for children’s charities. “Help a sick kid you piker!” he yells at the camera, so hey he MUST be a great guy underneath, while he insults the hell out of you!

        1. christian

          not that i disagree but if you can let a person on a screen to get to you then you shouldn’t be on youtube like what you said he presents unique ideas and doesnt do so in the best manner,while I may be completely wrong i believe his does this to filter some of the people who wont follow through.

          1. Ava (Post author)

            Have you followed through, Christian? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

          2. christian

            Alas no I have not followed through just yet,BUT I also happen to be 14 and broke most of his ideas are not kid friendly but I’m trying to find one I can use

          3. Ava (Post author)

            Well, I hope you get it figured out! If you can get this stuff figured out now, you’ll be set for life. This kid did it –

            There are others as well! It CAN be done.

  3. Trevor

    Sure he is very rude at times (and funny) but I don’t think that you give him enough credit. This guy is SMART! He claims to be just a retired truck driver but its all a front. In one video he drops the info that he used to be a
    fine arts dealer and he gave out info on how to identify genuine lithographs and other works. In other info he gives out stock systems he devised and they were very sophisticated. You say there is no proof of income. He has shared several letters on the tube from people making great money from his methods including a 15 year old millionaire! I have to say that annoying as he is the guy is for real when it comes to making money. Surely you don’t think he is making this all up?

    1. Mike

      Actually, you don’t know if he was even a truck driver. There is no info on this guy other than what he tells you. You are really going to give money to the guy when you don’t even know what his real name is?

  4. gordon

    Boy you Guys sure know how to fuck with a newbe’s head……..G

    PS…………lease don’t post my address on all the Whore House Bulitin boards………….G

  5. Jonathon Cullinan


    I’m watching this guy as well, and I typed in “King Human reviews” on google, and your site came up. I read through what you said, and cross referenced it with what you found, and it seems about right; I think the topic of this page should be concluded with the fact that people are born into socialization, and possess a keen lack of knowledge when it comes to the workings of the monetary system. In a failing economy, there are plenty of people who will flock to a guy like this, and desperately cling to his every word, giving up their last dollars on multiple sites like that of King Human’s, and then burn out all of their concentration and follow through with nothing. King Human is a guy who knows this; he knows that people turn to him because they know nothing of the monetary system. King Human has found himself a niche. I would not doubt he is in vegas, with the amount of followers he has.

    People will believe in anything that suits their escapism, and people who recognize this, will capitalize on it. This man has a system, the people fuel him for a petty penny, and he plays 21 in Vegas from the proceeds. Is this not what people wish? His acting is what should be paid attention to, and the topics he covers, along with why he is covering it, should be researched. Afterward, a business model should be duplicated and improved upon by those critiquing it at the highest level, if you wish to have people hanging on your every word and paying you with eyes wide curious.

    All you have to do is “want” to “think” abstractly, and answers will come. Hint: reconsider your morals, then re-strategize your profit plan.

    The monetary system is based upon scarcity; there doesn’t seem to be enough. It is hoarded by those in charge of our early education systems, which teach nothing of how money works and why. Those 1% who have it, know how it works, and how it is going to work. Do you?

  6. eman

    i m a complete beginner at everything you guys just talked about…i never been on Ebay website before or have i ever sold anything online…neither did i buy more then once online.
    i was hopping to get some tips on how to start selling online and if there are good tips i can get to start a business online.
    i must say that “king” sounds very convincing but the more i read the more i m drown away from the idea of online selling…
    please comment…tnx guys!

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Eman,
      Thanks for taking the time to comment. You don’t necessarily sell online to make money online. The best place to find out all the ways you can make money online and learn how to do it is

      I would also encourage your to read around here a little. I’ve written about several different ways to make money. I’m not that great at selling, so it doesn’t deal much with that.

      Best of luck,

  7. bill maynard

    i want ti know how to make money on the net.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Bill. Making money online is a bit of a journey. First, you need to decide what you want to do. Do you want to provide a service? Do you want to sell products? Do you want to focus on making passive income?

      I would suggest heading over to and looking around a bit. There’s a ton of information there all about making money online and Internet Marketing. I wish you all the best!


  8. Mike

    King Human’s website design looks like garbage.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Right!?! I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so! Grant it, I’m no prize-winning designer or anything, but I feel my sites at least look semi-coherent. If he has all this money, designers aren’t that expensive!

      I have 4 websites, and this is the only one I’m using a “canned” theme on. The rest of them have custom themes I created with Artisteer. It’s not rocket science.

      But hey, if you can establish credibility, make tons of money, and have a staunch following with a crap site, why change it?

      1. taz

        hey how much income roughly do you make with those 4 websites. just curious i want to get into making money online.

        1. Ava (Post author)

          Hi Taz,

          I don’t have all 4 websites anymore. I have narrowed things down to 2. I have this one, and While I’ve been into blogging for 10 years now, I’ve done a lot of things wrong. A lot of it revolved around having a full-time job most of that time, and having a lot of issues with focus. What it all boils down to is I haven’t made it to the passive income level of making money online yet. I’m working on that with these two sites. I’ve recently begun throwing in affiliate links here and there to move more in that direction.

          That being said, I do work full-time from home making money online; however, I have achieved this by providing services. The most lucrative service for me has been writing because I’m pretty good at it and I’m fast. While I definitely would like my full-time job to be blogging, I’m just not to that level yet. That’s what is all about…getting there! I also want to throw in, writing full-time from home beats working for the man any day!

          I hope you’ll follow along with this journey and maybe start one of your own. Thanks for the taking the time to comment.

          Best Regards,

  9. christian

    but why does his website need to be fancy or even look good, he has people who want to join just coming from youtube, I would understand if he had tons of slots open and needed traffic.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Obviously, he doesn’t. I think the real take-away here is that he established his following on YouTube. He didn’t need to jump through a bunch of Google hoops, have his site set up a certain way, or establish any more credibility than that. “Boom goes the dynamite.”

  10. Martin

    I’ve gone through 30 or 40 of his videos. Some of them sound interesting. Like to see if there are any better ideas in the elite site. I might pay $15 for a month’s subscription.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Martin, that is your prerogative. I’ve written two reviews here of his elite site, and it’s not worth it in my opinion. But hey, sometimes you just need to find out for yourself and I get that. What’s not worth it to me, may be a gold mine to you. I wish you the best!


  11. Nick

    I have been watching KingHuman for a very long time and I have been a member of his elite website for a very long time now. Since I have joined his site I only work a part time job now and a part time job on the internet doing affiliate marketing. Every quarter of the year I notice a growth in financial income from my marketing. I highly suggest getting in his elite members website.

  12. Tim

    I am a member King Humans Elite program and would personally highly recommend it for ideas on how to make money. There are plenty of great and interesting ideas he has in his members area and I am quite sure if you picked one of his ideas and put it into practice you would make money for sure.

    I think you should take a lot of King humans abruptness as tongue and cheek and certainly should not be taking him to heart like some of you seem to be. From my observation of king human, I would say he is a nice genuine person who genuinely cares. I would also go as far as saying, I admire him because he for me is what I would class as a genuine entrepreneur full of ideas on how to make money and there are not many people around like him and he should be applauded.

    The reason why there is no evidence of his earning or pictures of a big house and expensive cars etc is because he is a private person and like he said even if he did show of his wealth people would not believe him anyway. So what is the point in him advertising his wealth anyway?

    If you watch his videos you will find in some of them he will tell you he wants people to think for them self and not be spoon feed on how to do things step by step. I for one complete agree with him on this point. As this is the way you learn and grown, no different to how they teach you to learn at University.

    So if you want my advice and you are looking to make money on-line then I would sign up for his membership and start making money by following one of his many many ideas he has in his members area.

  13. Ava (Post author)

    Do you know what is really interesting? The TWO comments that have appeared here in the last week of people recommending King Human’s site.

    Yup…right here on my lil ol’ site that gets nearly 50% of my traffic from this very review. Oh, look at this! That’s because it’s currently #3 in Google for the keywords “king human reviews”.

    Listen, all I did was write an honest review…actually I wrote 2 one year apart. It appears there is some reputation management going on here, so just keep that in mind y’all.

  14. Tim

    Ava you are not making sense, please explain this comment you made …. It appears there is some reputation management going on here, so just keep that in mind y’all.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Tim, you know what reputation management is, right?

      Let me explain…I realize I’m not always great in communicating my thought processes.

      This blog is small-time…I get a trickle of traffic here. It’s more of a hobby than anything. The bulk of my traffic gets pulled in organically from this post…this ONE post. So, after receiving a whopping 2 comments within one week, I checked the rank of this article. As I stated above, it’s #3 in Google for the keywords “king human reviews”.

      Now, when someone wants to know if the King Human Elite is a good investment, they will search for reviews. This isn’t necessarily a positive review. I think the value at $15 per month of the King Human Elite is steep. That’s almost double what I pay for Netflix.

      It seems to me that maybe King Human…or some of his people…you know, since he seems kinda busy, have taken note and are seeking to make this review seem bogus by leaving positive comments and recommendations.

      There are companies out there that you can hire to maintain your online reputation. Two comments in favor of King Human in 1 week seems shady…that’s all I’m saying.

      That being said, I’ve always said in my reviews that it’s really up to the person whether or not they can use the stuff that King Human puts out there. I’ve never taken his tongue-in-cheek insults seriously, and I actually like his delivery. However, I feel I get more value from his FREE videos than I ever could through his $15 per month membership.

      1. Jordan

        Why are you comparing Netflix, something that entertainins you with movies with knowledgeable online courses that is valuable information. Success is based on your own hard work. He’s not going to give a handout that makes you money instantly. If you categorize Netflix in the same category as online courses then I don’t know if if this is a reliable source of information.

        1. Ava (Post author)

          I compare it to Netflix because I was trying to make a point about VALUE. One of the reasons that Netflix is so popular is because of their value model: offering unlimited streaming of EVERYTHING they have available for under 10 bucks a month.

          This guy wants me to pay twice that for something that may or may not work for me, and the trial and error is still a factor. I’ve been learning about Internet Marketing and Making Money Online for a decade, and usually when you pay for a course, method, etc. you are paying to avoid at least some of that trial and error.

          I’m certainly not asking fora handout. I’m asking for value in the subscription I paid for. Comparison and categorization are two different things. I’m comparing the two without categorizing them.

  15. Tim

    I can assure you I was being honest and genuine and I am in no way associated with Kinghuman apart from paying my $15per month to him.

    I looked up kinghuman scam just to see what others thought of him and saw your website blog and read what you said and disagreed with a lot of what you said. I personally felt the $15 per month was a bargain considering all the content and his expertises he gives out on his paid for service.

    I am also sure if you picked some of his ideas and put them into action you would make money for sure and more then the $15 per month, making it, like I said a bargain.

    Just because someone comes up with a different or positive view from your negative one does not mean they are are automatically paid to be all positive.

    Come on now relax, I am sure Kinghuman would have better things to do with his time than go around paying people to write positive reviews for him LOL.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      So you have seen a return on investment for what you are spending using KingHuman’s methods?

      How many times have you chatted with or discussed something with KingHuman himself on the forums?

      When you signed up for his Elite membership, did you think you would have access to KingHuman?

    2. Jordan

      15$ is a bargain! Especially for hundreds of hours of videos that help you gain knowledge. People should make there own story not follow someone else’s.

      1. Ava (Post author)

        If you say so. Obviously, I didn’t feel the same; however, you are spot on about creating your own story. Knowing this is half the battle. Sure, you can follow someone else’s method, but it’s never going to happen exactly the same.

      2. Jay

        If people do not listen to and benefit from what others say we will each start our lives naked, starving and freezing in the dark. It is not necessary or wise to believe everything one hears from any source, but to refuse to hear is the reasoning of a fool.

        1. Ava (Post author)

          Thanks for that insight, Jay.

  16. Tim

    Yes I have seen a return on my investment.

    I have not used the forum if I am honest, I have just picked and followed some of the ideas he has shown me.

    I have only had email communication with him but the problem I find is he does take a while sometimes to come back to me.

    When I signed up I thought it would be hard to gain access to Kinghuman because he said he receives on average around 300 emails a day and he works on his own. On that note it seems I was unfortunately right because as an elite member I would have liked better communication from him.

    If he is not interacting with his forum then I have to say that is not good at all of him. In fact there is no point having a forum on his website if he is not at hand.

    1. Ava (Post author)


      Thanks for the quick reply and for taking time to answer my questions. I appreciate it.

      He ended up making the forums public to get a little more traffic in there. I actually did a follow-up to this review a few months ago, and I was disappointed to see that the Money Pages have turned into just a copy and paste of a few video courses each month. Before, he had graphics packs and different things thrown in for more value.

      I’m glad you’ve had success. I do think that it’s KingHuman’s ultimate goal to help people make money, but he doesn’t seem to have the time to do much more than throw out a few ideas and hope people will be smart enough to pick it up and run with it. I get why he does things the way he does.

      I expected more, I guess…a better execution for the money…

      I think he would have less members if he was up front with how things really work: No access to KH and just a flinging out of ideas like he does on his videos. The only thing that’s updated on his site from month to month are the Money Pages…1 page a month. I could get that much with a subscription to Entrepreneur magazine for $15 a year.

      The value just isn’t there for me.

      1. Ayan

        Hi Ava. Can you still access the old elite content like the graphics packages? If so, there might be value signing up for just a month. Otherwise, not even that.

        1. Ava (Post author)

          I’m sure that I can’t. I was only a member for a month or so on 2 separate occasions one year apart. The way it worked though, as an Elite, you did have access to the current Money Pages as well as the archives. So, technically, you can pay for a month and get everything up until now, and then do it again next year.

  17. Tim

    I can see there being a problem where he might end up running out of ideas before long. Then at that point I might have to consider carrying on the subscription or not.

    It would be better if he did have better communication with his subscribers, but instead he seems to be more interested in taking holidays…..

    1. Ava (Post author)

      I agree with you. It’s like the membership thing was something he didn’t really have the time to do, but he wanted to do it either for the monetary gain, to help others, or both.

  18. Tom

    I used to watch a lot of KH videos but found myself gradually migrating away from watching him.
    After spending the grand sum of 5 UK pounds on a Amazon Affiliate product which Kinghman was endorsing heavily, I never really regained my trust in him. It was essentially an elaborate advert for the sale of other products, if I had of known this I might have donated the cash to help sick kids at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital instead.

    So after doing my due diligence on KH I found him to make a lot of noise about how to make money but with very little substance or detail in the ‘how to’ part of the process. Plus I always thought the whole ‘not wanting to spoon feed you’ line was claptrap.

    One genuinely really useful video which KH made was one in which he detailed how to create an ebay ad. Actually taking time to create a very useful tutorial. BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!!
    A kernel of information clearly defined which was of benefit to me.

    One last thought on Kinghuman. The reason why I found myself here was because I had just watched KH’s most recent video and was inspired to do a search on reviews of his ‘Elite’ membership. The first thing he opened his video with was of him taking a drink from the mug with the cartoon mouth on the side. As he plonked the cup down on the desk behind him it struck me that his lips were dry and there was no liquid in his cup at all. He was pretending to drink a drink at the start of this video. So next time you try to peer into Kinghumans cup which appears to be overflowing don’t be surprised if you find nothing in there at all.

    Byonara you fucking monkeys!!

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Tom. 🙂

    2. Ayan

      Some of the products he endorses are just downright ridiculous and scams. A lot of his ideas are outdated or well-known. A few of his ideas here and there are actually decent and somewhat unique.

  19. sylvain

    hey i have been on the elite members and i review everything in the archive and there is alot of good ideas but he doesnt really teach in details so you understand how to do it and for that paying 15$ only for ideas when i can have it for free,he is hype whitout being flashy thats it folks now i am with wealthy affiliate they teach everything.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Sylvain. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Are you making money with Wealthy Affiliate?

  20. Jordan

    You guys are so busy talking down one somebody who is trying to help people who choose to follow him, but honestly the guys who criticize him aren’t helping anybody but themselves. All they are doing is bringing down the community with there negative comments. If kinghumans methods don’t work for you then move on and find something that does. You don’t have to bash the guy on how he makes a living. I respect your opinion on his ideas but all your doing is agreeing with the people who is being negative and bringing down his ideas. I came here looking for reliable answers, and in my opinion all your doing is giving bias information on what you think. This blog is one sided and not reliable. If you want to find out if it works for you then find out for your self. Subscribe for it and follow what kinghuman says, if it don’t work for you then unsubscribe and move on. You don’t have to be influenced be someone else’s failure because you can’t truly know if they tried or not. It sounds to me that “Ava” is not doing to well following kinghumans steps, she didn’t even say she tried it, and on top of that she don’t respect other people’s opinions that’s against what she says. All she does is reply in a sarcastic tone if you say something positive about kinghuman. That’s a personality of a six year old, and that’s coming from a 17 year old (myself). All I’m saying is that you don’t have to disrespect someone who is giving back to the community because I don’t see you giving out courses and trying to help other people succeed.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      I’d hardly say I was busy talking about this since this post is about to turn 2 years old. Listen, I subscribed to The King Human Elite, and I was subbed for probably 3 or 4 months. I reviewed my experience. I didn’t gain much from it. It’s as simple as that.

      I’m not criticizing anyone here, I wrote an honest review. KingHuman is so secretive about the content of his Elite membership site that I actually joined mostly out of curiosity. I expected more. Basically, since his forums went public, all I ended up paying for was the Money Pages. Seriously…who pays $15 bucks for maybe 10 incomplete ideas once a month?

      My problem with KingHuman is simply a value problem. The value was NOT there, and I wanted other struggling marketers to know that. I also wanted them to know, and I state this in the blog post, that they can get just as much, if not more, value from subscribing to him on YouTube and following the ideas he shares there. How’s that for one-sided?

      My point here wasn’t to prove success or failure but to review the content of the Elite membership, and it was mediocre at best in MY opinion. Since this is MY blog, I don’t have to apologize for sharing what I think about something.

      As for my sarcasm…in the words of KingHuman, “You’re just a monkey with car keys.” As for me, I’ve written SEVERAL books published on Kindle that help people learn about WordPress, format their own books, build an email list, learn social media marketing, and a lot more. All of these books are currently either free or 99 cents.

      As for courses, I am an instructor on Udemy, and have two courses in the works. I have a very limited budget for my online endeavors, but am currently working full-time from home online. It has been a journey to say the least, and I have done my best to share that journey in the hopes of helping others…this post included. I don’t want someone spending their last $15 on KingHuman when there’s more value to be had in his free YouTube videos.

      Anyway, thanks for your input and multiple comments. I hope you will reconsider your negative comments regarding me and my blog. Good luck out there.

  21. Gleno

    11/29/15 8:40P.M.
    Ava, Interested in your instructional materials assuming they are reasonable in price. See your first name only with no internet address, under the first review by copyright 2014 and your posted category review is dated Dec 23,2013. Enjoyed reading all the reviews that came up on this site tonight. A big thanks to you for that reference. It looks like it’s chocked full of content resources. Will also look up, Udemy, and WordPress.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi. Thanks for your kind words. I’m glad to help in any way that I can. I have a “Find Me” link at the top right of my website with a few of my social media profiles. Here you go –

      I do have some instructional things depending upon what you want to know. I think they’re reasonably priced…and most are free. Otherwise, you can contact me via social media or email at ava(at)prowebwriter(dot)com. Thanks again!


    No one Have Any Evidence bout king human that he is a scammer … even after all what you all saying bout him am bout to join him and see my self

    1. Ava (Post author)

      KingHuman is not a scammer, but don’t expect to interact with him via his KingHuman Elite community because he is nowhere to be found. The money making ideas he shares are never quite fully developed, so you’ve got to be a bit of a self-starter. His best stuff goes out via his YouTube channel, and that’s free.

      1. ahmad

        hi thanks for the insight..any guide or program that is money making that can help someone struggling here to make a income online? i will contact you further if you allow me to by email



        1. Ava (Post author)

          I’m still looking……………………ava(at)prowebwriter(dot)com.

  23. Timm

    Are you guys on crack?

    Let me tell you about king human, AFF sales and his elite membership are not his primary source of income, the guy is a real estate investor, he has been long ago, he likes to spend his time making youtube vids and selling you aff products on the side, that’s not the bulk of his income.

    The truth is, he don’t tell you that his real big money comes from real estate…

    1. Ava (Post author)

      No, I’m not on crack or under the influence of anything else.

      Thanks for the info.

    2. Mariana

      Its not like hes like tai lopez, showing off his trophy wife’s and his billion dollar mansions and lamborghinis just to rub it in our face!!!!

      king human would of made his money from investing in stock markets, buying and reselling websites, and investing in properties.

      Youtube,and his online courses is just a hobby of his.

  24. Nathaniell

    I used to respect him as an internet marketer, even though we had different opinions on which products were “legit” and what were honest ways to make money online. So I stayed on his list. Recently, he’s been promoting some really terrible stuff, created by know scam artists. I don’t want to drop the product names and give them free advertisements, but the one that made me realize what he had turned into was some Instagram “instant riches” software created by Precious Ngwu.

    I don’t doubt he made good money back in the day, and probably still makes some money, but the quality of his content and promotions have gone downhill.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, Nathaniell. I haven’t heard of that product, but there are so many junk products out there that probably 99% of them fall in the bad category. I haven’t watched an KH videos in a long while, so I’m totally out of the loop at this point.


    Do not trust the author of this blog. If you cant afford $15 a month or think its expensive for what the elite membership gives each month, then youve no business passing judgement on this product. KH gives great value for whats being spent and now, has a one month money back guarantee so, join and see if theres value in it or not. I read this blog about the elite membership and just laughed. Only a blind fool would say there not many times more value in the info and free give aways every month in the elits club.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Alexander,
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. First of all, this is a review of King Human Elite, not a judgement. Reviews are a pretty common thing on the Internet and people use them to make informed decisions. It is not a question of whether or not one can afford $15 per month. The question lies in how much value one gets for that amount of money. What can $15 buy? A month of upgraded Netflix, two months of Hulu, three $5 foot-longs, three Venti Frappucinos, 7 rides on public transit, shall I go on?

      Considering the fact that this article is three years old, whatever is going on in the King Human Elite these days is irrelevant to me. A lot can change in three years, and perhaps there’s been a massive improvement. I must agree with you…join and see if there’s value or not for yourself. The purpose of this review is to help those considering the program to make an informed decision.

      Hey, I’m glad I could inspire a laugh. There needs to be more laughter in the world. By they way, there are no free giveaways in King Human Elite…you are paying $15 a month. Call it what you will and even label it “free” if you want, but it’s not free. Before I go, I’m going to address the elephant in the room, Alexander. Since you showed up here and took the time to comment, are YOU making money with King Human Elite? Has the membership helped you make money online? I mean since you feel $15 is nothing, you must be making bank, right?

      I stand by this review, and I still stand behind what I said in it. Stick to KH’s videos. They are truly free and his info is good. Is he a scam artist? No, I don’t think so, but he’s no teacher either. I think he’s a guy who truly wants to help people, but doesn’t want to put in the effort to teach them. Bottom line.



        Nonsense. KH IS a teacher yet you seem to be proof that there are those that are somewhat unteachable. Theres more info every month in those pages that youll get on Netflix. BTW your Netflix vs KH Elite membership fee is the most rediculous apples and organges false equivalent comparison I can imagine. How much learning on internet marketing do you personally get on Netflix? What an asinine comparrison. Am I making money with what Ive learned on KHE YES!!!!!!! BTW $15 am month is FREE considering what you get and the time saving of having to go look around the net to find this kind of teaching.

        So you posted above:
        The Not-So-Positive
        He’s kind of abrupt at times in a mock-insult sort of way.

        Lets look at that. ARE YOU A FREAKIN SNOWFLAKE????????
        Geepers you sound like you need everything softie and sugar coated. Guess what snowflake. The real worl aint like that. Maybe in the fantasy world of liberal universities where the overly sensitive SJW’s need a “safe space” Grow a pair…

        He’s not as accessible as he would like to seem.

        Hes made it clear that he not accessible. ( did you miss the numerous video where he says that????? ) He provides the info and YOU are supposed to work it. YOU…not HIM!!!! The $15 bucks a month is supposed to be a KICK IN THE ASS FOR YOU TO BE INDIPENDANT AND USE YOUR BRAIN CREATIVLY. Obviously YOU didnt get that meme….its all thru the money pages but oh yeah…YOU were only a member for a couple of months.
        He makes a lot of claims, but there’s no evidence or people who corroborate these claims.

        Hes got plenty of testimonials…go ask him for the contact info for some and talk to them.

        1. Ava (Post author)

          Wow, Alexander, you need to relax, bruh. You’re right, it is a bad analogy that I made 3 to 4 years ago! That is the point you are missing. This review is old as crap. I have moved on to bigger and better things and so should you.

          Hey, I’m glad you’re making money. That’s great to hear. More power to you.

          Thanks, but I don’t need your schooling on the “real world”. I’m certain I’ve been in it longer than you based on the maturity level of your comments. Thanks anyway.

          I’ve managed to rile you up this much with ONE article on my obscure website and one comment, imagine what I could do if I did “grow a pair”.

          King Human’s accessibility is so far from any concern of mine. The first time I joined in 2013, he wasn’t clear about not being available to his Elite members. Were you even a member then? I didn’t think so.

          I’ve long-since moved to greener pastures that work better for ME. If King Human Elite is working great for you, then more power to you. Why don’t you go write a review of your own website and rank it #1 in Google?

          You’re right, I was only a member for a couple months because it wasn’t valuable to ME. That’s what reviews are…your own personal experience. I would be a sucker to keep paying for something that wasn’t providing me with value.

          I don’t care how many testimonials he has because I’ve seen the content for myself. It wasn’t for me. I’ve moved on, so why don’t you take a hike too, Alexander. That would be great.

  26. Yasin Ahmed


    Wow! I am truly greatful for your review on KH and his Elite Academy. I’ve only come across him last night (01/05/17) and today I was ready to pay to become a member in his group. Fortunately I had a hiccup with my Paypal and debit card which una led me to pay right away, but whilst waiting, I started reading reviews and stumbled to your reviews which I learned dates back some years ago – None the less, I am really grateful for your reviews and actually making the payment to join and to be able to give ilia an insight to what it is really like and what the hype is all about. Also! I want to thank you for taking the time to answer everybody’s responses and every single one of yours were spot on! And by no means very informative and really helpful. I am writing all this just to let you know that I have benefitted immensely from your responses and reviews and just want to thank you! I have now become a member of your site. I am interested in being apart of your journey as you have provided me with information of value for FREE! Thank You again Ava, I will only benefit from the YouTube videos made by KH just like you said and will have an open mind and apply the know-how from other sources. Thanks again, and I agree with everything you said and may you remain blessed and have a lovely day/evening/night.. Thank You!


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