Tom Ness’ Rapid Affiliate System Review

Rapid Affiliate System

This is the long-awaited review of the affiliate product that I bought and have talked about in several recent posts.

* NOTE * This system is NOT for sale here, and this is not a sales post. It is strictly a review.

Intro and Initial Impressions

The title of the Warrior Special Offer jumped from the forum. It read:  “[TESTIMONIAL PROOF] Super Simple System Forces You to Make Your First $100 Online!”

After that, there was a bunch of persuasive blathering with statements about the flashy cars and big houses the gurus claim, how this was a proven system that guaranteed results, and it’s embarrassingly easy to set up. I DEFINITELY beg to differ with that last one, but more on that later.

All of this was backed up by a $9.95 price-point, and a testimonial from someone I somewhat trusted: a forum member who had given me some decent advice about developing PLR content.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

I jumped on it. The price fell within what I was willing to spend for something I believed I would be able to scale up and make quite a bit of money. Also, it would teach me a critical skill of Internet Marketing: Affiliate Marketing. This was quite possibly my key. I was excited. My head swam for days as I worked vigilantly to develop this method.

The Testimonial That Sold This System For Me

That trusted individual actually posted several times on the sales thread for this product. She could have been hired for all I know. Whatever the case, I fell right into the trap. She wrote an initial testimonial on the product that was meh, but then the kicker was that she came back several months later (about 6 months), and posted again. Here’s a quote:
“Hey Tom. I get PMs all of the time from people asking about this system because of my original testimonial. They are all asking the same question, “Are you still making money?”

I just thought I’d pop in and answer the question here. Not that I mind the PMs, but I know there are probably people wondering the same thing that aren’t asking.

I have set up two sites using this blueprint. One brings in about $500 a month, the other brings in $700 a month. Now, the thing is, I don’t actually advertise these anymore. I also don’t write for these sites anymore. They are on 100% autopilot.

Who couldn’t use an extra $1200 a month. I was ready to make this my full-time job as I learned more and more and created more income streams. This was the start I’d been searching for, and my search was now finally over.

The General Method

  • Pick a Product — A good bit of advice from this method was to choose a product rather than choosing a niche and then searching for a product to promote. Choose the product first, as the product will decide the niche by itself. Various free tools were outlined to choose a product that is already converting.
  • Create a Free Report — This method included a simple plan to create this report. The general plan was to choose 5-7 chapter headings, and then write a 300-500 word article to be each chapter. Spun content is fine. Put you link to your affiliate product at the end with a call to action.
  • Set Up a Simple 2-Page Website — This is a multi-faceted step. This is where you have to acquire a domain and hosting. I already have hosting, so I just had to secure a domain. This step also requires that you set up an autoresponder. I used Aweber. After trying to edit and upload HTML templates, I ended up going with WordPress and designing my own template. That took a bit of extra time, but it looked awesome. This website consists of only 2 pages: Squeeze page which touts your free report in exchange for an email address, and a Thank You page which delivers the report to subscribers.
  • Write Autoresponder Emails — The method requires a minimum of 8 emails to start. I made it up to 3.
  • Drive Traffic — This method included an extensive list of FREE and paid resources. No complaints here. The method suggested that you break up this portion and work 2 hours per day for 21 days on traffic generation. This is where the WORK came in. The goal was to drive traffic to your 2-page website where people would input their email and grab your free product. They would then be prompted to buy the affiliate product multiple times via your free report and autoresponder emails.

What’s in the Box?

  • Template for Free Report
  • Website HTML Templates for Squeeze and Thank You pages
  • Autoresponder Emails — already written, but need to be edited for your product


There were some bonuses and guarantees as well. If you want a link to the thread, comment with an email address, and I can send it to you. I just don’t want to link it here or write about the contents of it anymore. 🙂

Things to Watch Out For…

  • BEFORE you buy a product — Check the date. When was the product released? I bought this product in September of 2013, and it was released in September of 2011. Nearly 2 years to the day. A LOT can change in 2 years. Google has since released Panda and Penguin and that other update I can’t remember the name of. These were updates to their algorithms and the way their search engine works which changes SEO. They also pulled the Google Keyword Tool which was a staple in keyword research. DO NOT buy products that are older than a few months.
  • Encrypt the URL of your Thank You page — I stupidly made my URL to read like so: — I’ve had a few people who are savvy enough to circumnavigate my sign up form, and go straight to the Thank You page where they can download my free report with NO opt-in. They get my call to action at the end, but if they are unwilling to spend an email to get a free e-book, they are guaranteed not open their wallet for a product.
  • This method is a TON of work — I would definitely NOT market this method as “Super Simple”. Now, if you have the cash to outsource the writing, you will save yourself a lot of hassle. As a matter of fact, that’s a great idea.
  • This method requires various online accounts of a certain status to succeed —  For example, part of this method includes article marketing as a part of generating free traffic. I submitted 4 articles to, and I think 1 was approved. The other 3 were rejected because the site I linked in the Resource Box didn’t have enough relevant content. (It was my 2-page site.) I was only able to submit 4 of the 7 articles I had prepared because you must have obtained a certain author status.
  • Where’s Tom? — He says he has a help ticket system at his website. I have NOT used that system. Everything was very well explained. He did have ONE email hooked into an autoresponder for the buyers of this product which promised a personal response. I did not receive one. Tom has released new products, and I’m sure he is busy supporting those. Such is the life of a marketer. In my personal opinion, old products should be closed in favor of new ones. Especially when they are 2+ years old and you KNOW there have been updates to the methods provided.
  • Videos…ARGH! — This method was straight up video training. This means I spent a day watching the videos and taking DETAILED notes to refer to as I emplemented the steps. I HATE videos. Often, I am in a situation that makes video very inconvenient, and a written alternative would be so much more helpful. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE videos for entertainment and promotion, and they definitely have their place in training, but there should ALWAYS be a written companion even if it’s just a transcript of said videos.


I am not done with this method, but I have come to a screeching halt in light of the above issues. I have had to go online and research new SEO techniques. The absence of the Google Keyword Tool has set the entire SEO world on end. No one seems to know what to do without it. Duh. I wouldn’t call this a newbie method. I had to draw from my experience on ALL fronts. 
I have NOT written off this method, but I have outdated it. I now have to find work-arounds for the SEO issues and article marketing problems. I’ve obtained ONE email address in a month. That ONE email has cost me $20 so far. ONE. If nothing else, I will improve on this, and you’ll get it here FREE. That’s a promise.

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