Trying to Make Money in the Service Realm

 Service RealmLike most people who try to make money online, I started in the service realm. I began with what I knew and tried to scale up from there.

In 2006, when I first learned about Internet Marketing, the only thing I knew how to do online was blog…and I don’t mean the sort of blogging someone would actually want to read. It was a self-loathing, becoming type of blogging. Even so…it taught me what writing online was all about. It also taught me some fundamental basics for things like HTML that I would use to death.

I stopped in the middle of everything to create a graphic for this post, and lost my train of thought. Let’s see…where was I?

Naturally, I gravitated toward writing, and as my luck goes, it’s one of the lowest paying services out there. I made a few dollars here and there, but it was about as significant as a drop is to the bucket. Needless to say, I burned out quickly.

Eventually, I did find a decent writing gig with Demand Media, but it too burned me out. There’s a lot of crap out there on the ‘net about Demand Media and other content mills. I’d suggest that if you want to work online writing, ignore the hype rather positive or negative.

The problem with the service realm is that it’s extremely time-consuming, and there is a minimal financial return. The time to money ratio is NOT what I’m looking for. I want money, plain and simple. And…if you’re reading this, you probably do as well. So, on post 1 of this journey, here we go. My first few posts will document various things I’ve tried in the past, and things I am doing right now. There will be a TON of resources coming, I will be completely transparent. Also, at the gate, the purpose of this blog is NOT to sell you anything.

If, at some point, it becomes a part of the deal to sell, sell, sell, and there are methods that I don’t feel I should share to avoid market saturation, I will tell you that. This blog does two things:

  • Documents my Internet Marketing journey
  • Helps you understand how IM works by giving you resources you can use on your journey, or by clarifying industry secrets


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