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TwitterAs I have been delving into affiliate marketing, I’ve come across some interesting methods. Some are a TON of work and other are as easy as copy, paste, submit. So far, I’ve only done minimal exploring outside of Clickbank. Why? Because of the sheer volume of claims from people making money with it. Even if I only made $300-$400 per month, it would still be worth it since it doesn’t cost anything to have an account and promote the products.

One Method and Why You Shouldn’t Waste Your Time

One of the methods I’ve come across is people say they have been making a few sales here and there by choosing various products and sending them out in Tweets with some persuasive text. Before spamming my Followers with links, I decided to pick some brains about Twitter traffic. What kind of traffic is it? Does it convert? Will this even work?
My Google search brought me to a thread on the Black Hat World forums. Warrior Forums had one to match.They were discussing using Twitter in exactly this manner. They had a lot to say about Twitter traffic. I’m going to paraphrase…I just don’t feel like finding can’t find the thread, crediting, and linking. I’m feeling lazy today on my day off. 😉 (I found it. Had to. Mind went blank on the 2nd Bullet Point.)
  • Twitter traffic mainly consists of users who are bored and just surfing around casually. They’re nowhere near their wallet.
  • People on Twitter are looking for the latest gossip. Again, wallet is across the room…or the house.
  • Twitter users have a short attention span.
  • Lots of Twitter users are on mobile devices.

So Why Am I On Twitter Again?

What you can do with Twitter traffic is build a list. Send them to your squeeze page and give them something free in exchange for their email address.

Keep Twitter Personalized

There are thousands of tools out there that can be used with Twitter. Some of them are free, but most of them will cost you. They might even start out free and hound you to upgrade. Some of them pack some powerful features, but I’m not paying $30 per month for something I can accomplish for FREE. I like to read a Bio before I follow someone. I like to take a look at what kind of Tweets they’re sending out. Better to do it before I follow than way and unfollow them later after they’ve started following me. It just makes you look like a jerk.
I do NOT enjoy canned repetitive Tweets. I don’t have a problem with scheduled Tweets. I have a problem with scheduled Tweets that appear in my Timeline every couple hours that say the same thing over and over and over. I understand. People are using Twitter to reach an audience and they don’t want to miss people because they were at work or sleeping. Great, tweet it a few times and let it go. If you get a few clicks, by all means tweet it again, but not every hour on the hour.
Also, I want to add value to my Twitter account by making sure my Followers are real people who are active. So, I keep it personalized.

Here are a Few Tools I’ve Tried

  • — This one was AWESOME for about 2 days. Then they limited my abilities, and starting prompting me to get a PRO account which is upwards of $30 per month. Not happening. It allowed me to tweet a shout-out to my top contributors, and they liked that. I got some thanks in return, but I’m not paying $30 per month.
  • — This one is AWESOME and FREE! Dang, I love free. This one sends out a “Thanks for following” tweet to all of my new followers automatically. I get a lot of favorited Tweets as a result. It tells me who has unfollowed me, so I can unfollow them if I choose. It tells me who I follow who don’t follow me back. It tells me who follows me that I haven’t followed back. Then I am allowed to act accordingly. LOVE IT.
  • — This one has free and paid options. It has a good number of handy free tools and is worth an honorable mention.
Other than this, I use Twitter Android apps and the web. That’s it. It’s taken me 2 months to increase my following by 300 using the slow personal approach. I will keep going with this rather than compromise my integrity with my Followers. Hope this helps you out and saves you some time.

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