Vick Strizheus: What I Learned From My First and Last “Free Webinar”

vick strizheus and free webinars

[UPDATE] – See my updated review on Vick Strizheus and his latest Project Breakthrough. 

All I keep thinking is, “I should have known.”

I attended my first and last “free webinar” last night. I didn’t even make it all the way through. I bailed 1.5 hours in because NOTHING of substance had been discussed yet. I was hoodwinked into this one because a trusted friend was promoting the event, so I fell for it without doing any research. That was my first mistake.

All I had was this dude’s first name, “Vick”. Like I said, I trusted the person who was promoting the event, so I signed up to attend. I logged into the event page early yesterday morning and kept it open the entire day to reserve my spot as per emails I’d received. They stated that the event was over capacity and some people could be “locked out”.

The guy was 15 minutes late.

I could bitch endlessly on respecting other people’s time and promptness, but I digress. I waited patiently. Good things come to those that wait, right? All I got out of the deal was an hour and a half wasted, and I’m short on sleep today. When things finally kicked off, the chat for the event was on the fritz, and there were 77,000 people logged in. This was being touted as an industry first, blah blah blah.

Vick had all the standard crap:

  • Whiteboard
  • Powerpoint
  • Apple equipment
  • Training program with the cheesy title

Ad nauseum. Ad infinitum. I should have known.

Lesson 1: Always find out the full name of the person conducting the webinar.

That way, you can do your research before you clear your schedule and waste your time. Had I Googled “Vick Strizheus”, I would have found plenty of reasons to head on to bed. Instead, I sat here with my notebook ready to learn something worth knowing. So, what did I learn? Well…

  • Vick’s counter is rigged
  • He is a gold-medal rambler
  • Um…

Not much, eh?

Yeah, I think his counter was rigged. The first thing he talked about when he finally showed up was the 77,000 people who were logged in,yet the chat I was in showed around 1,400. In the lower corner of the live video was a counter that showed around 5,000 people in that stream with the 77K total for all the streams next to it. First, I’ve never seen that kind of counter, but it was my first webinar, so…

I should have taken a screenshot, but I didn’t know I would be writing about it today. What I did do was document in my notes the number of people as the 1.5 hours went by. Mainly this was because Vick kept mentioning it. A half hour in, we were up to 82,000 people. At 9pm, we were at 85,000. At 9:30pm when I left, it was at 90,000. So, roughly 5,000 people were signing on every 30 minutes?

Yeah, okay, but I doubt it. What are the odds this dude could ramble on about nothing and still be pulling in 5K people every 30 minutes? Naw.

Lesson 2: These dudes are all the same.

Apparently this type of dog and pony show works on people. The chat for the event was a running log of crazy. There were four types of people there:

  • The “Vick is awesome, I can’t wait until this starts” positivity spewers
  • The “please help me, I am sick/poor/jobless/homeless/dying” beggars
  • The unofficial chat moderators who correct everyone that deviates from their personal chat rules
  • The random few claiming the host is a scammer (I should have listened to them)

People touting crap like this are ALL THE SAME.

It doesn’t matter if your mom is in the program. All of these dudes are scammers. No one is giving out free information that will make you $$$$$ per month in Internet Marketing. It’s been that way since the biginning, and it continues to be that way. Sure, you might find people who blog like me, free webinars, YouTube videos, etc., but you’re not going to get course-type training or step-by-step ways to make money online from these people.

Lesson 3: Making Money Online Isn’t, And Will Never Be Free

I’ve been bumping around Internet Marketing circles for a decade. No one knows me. I’ve made money online, but the money I have made has taken crazy amounts of time, and is nowhere near $$$$$ per month. It’s more like $$$$$ per decade. One of the things that I’ve realized about Internet Marketing in recent years is that you can’t make $$$$$ without some kind of investment, and I don’t mean buying some idiot’s course or whatever.

In order to find something that works, EVERY marketer MUST go through the trial and error, split testing, and all of the other crap it takes to succeed. I can almost promise you that EVERY marketer who is making money online is buying traffic or making a significant investment of some kind to see results. You don’t get to the big numbers organically unless your create some kind of viral content…and you have to do that again and again. It’s possible and there are people who have done it, but it’s just by chance. It’s not something that you can do step-by-step.

Lesson 4: You Cannot Buy Your Way Out of Trial and Error

That course, webinar, Warrior Special Offer (WSO), etc. isn’t going to get you out of having to go through trial and error. That’s what we pay for. That’s what we are hoping to find a way around when we take that course or attend that webinar. We want to avoid the trial and error. We want to make money today!

The reality of this situation is that it doesn’t matter how good a course or training is, you are still going to go through some trial and error. It begins with Step 1. There is no way  to the other side but through trial and error.

You might…and might is only maybe…you might be able to avoid a lot of the trial and error by hiring a coach/mentor. I don’t know because who has the thousands to pay these dopes?

Lesson 5: It’s All About Getting Paid

Unfortunately, it’s not about YOU getting paid though. These dudes will convince you that they want to help people. I’d want to help them too if they were paying me $40+ apiece. That’s the place these people are coming from. They are more than willing to help you if 1. Your pay them and 2. You praise them.

That’s right! You just joined the church of [insert random guru here]. Let the worship begin. More than likely, your new job will be to promote whatever garbage they sold you to get you here.

It sounds like a pyramid scheme BECAUSE IT IS!

So What Of Vick Strizheus?

I don’t know this dude. I just know about the 1.5 hours I wasted in his webinar. That’s not going to happen ever again. I know the 3.5 pages of notes I took are completely useless. I’ll include a summary below. After berating my friend for the waste of time last night, I decided that I would be looking this guy up this morning. The first page of Google is plastered with the word “scam” surrounding this guy’s name.

If a guy has really helped 50,000 people succeed the way Vick proclaimed last night, do you really think his name would be associated with the word, “scam”?

Of course, all of those people yelling “scam” aren’t action-takers. They obviously don’t have what it takes to succeed, right?


The Truth of the Heart of the Matter

When I get ready to seriously try some things, it will most likely be some type of product or offer, and I will buy traffic. I honestly think that’s the key to making money online. You find something that people actually want and you send them to it even if you have to pay for it. I’ve been looking into CPA Marketing, and I’m particularly interested in getting paid for app downloads for mobile devices. That’s what I’m going to look into and invest my time/money in….not some BS like the High Traffic Academy or Big Idea Mastermind. *barfs*

Notes From the Webinar

Breakthrough Engineering Agenda

  • How to create $5k to $10k income in the next 30 days or less with no list, no product, and no website
  • Stuff that works today
  • 3 models for fast results
  • Get traffic
  • Done for you guided campaign
  • Huge gift worth $252,000

I should have left at this. I mean just read that garbage.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

  • 31 years old
  • Father of 5
  • Lives in South Dakota
  • Been online for 10 years
  • Has helped 50K people succeed
  • Loves God
  • Bonus verse – Mark 10:43

Some Stats

  • 96% of marketers make less than $1000 per month online
  • 88% make less than $100 per month
  • Only 1% are making any real money online

Again, I should have split. 

I have 2 more pages, but really it’s a waste of time. A good portion was just telling us to figure out what we want from what we are doing and other standard drivel. Bascially, I could have run the webinar. Unless something monumental happened after I left, it was just crap.

A Message to Marketers

You better hope I never figure this out because when I do, I will lay bare all of your BS tactics for separating people from their money and probably get filthy rich doing it.

[UPDATE] – See my updated review on Vick Strizheus and his latest Project Breakthrough. 

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