What I Use Instead of Project Breakthrough and Why I Recommend You Do the Same


UPDATE 6/15/2016: I am no longer promoting Project Breakthrough and probably wouldn’t have promoted it to begin with if I’d known its sustainability was all of about two months. FULL DISCLOSURE: I didn’t make a dime…but I also never invested in the tools and upsells.

UPDATE 7/5/2016: As per a High Traffic Academy webinar tonight, I have removed all links to Project Breakthrough. I highly recommend finding another affiliate marketing course. See Affilorama link below.

Why I’m No Longer Promoting Project Breakthrough

You know, I took the course, and I figured I would give promoting it a try. I couldn’t afford the tools, so I just created my own landing page here on Stacking Benjis. My original review quickly began to pull in traffic and is still responsible for about 30% of the visitors coming to this site. Welcome.

I stopped promoting Project Breakthrough in May 2016 because the links went dead. In true Vick Strizheus fashion, the program fizzled after a couple of months. I only knew a few of the thousands who went through the course, bought the upsells, and gave it a go. NONE of them made money.

I still stand by my initial conclusions that there was valuable information shared in the course regarding affiliate marketing, but the 14-day hype, and all the other stuff is kind of BS.

Since Entralife hasn’t officially launched yet, it remains to be seen if my positioning in that company will do anything for me.

Project Breakthrough is still online. I will leave my review intact below so you can check that out if you’re interested. I saved all of my notes and PB downloads as well which you can access as well.

What I’m Using Instead

I have moved on from following people who use the “launch a product, rake in massive cash, jump to next product” model because it’s simply not how I want to build my business.

I have become a student of a list of several blogs which you can check out here.

I’m also ramping up content here at Stacking Benjis with the intention of helping those of you who want to do the same.

In the coming weeks and months, you will see a variety of great content coming from me. I have plans to release some courses as well as continuing to offer you great free content here on my own blog.

In addition, I’m utilizing various products and training further my knowledge on affiliate marketing. You may have read this post.

I also recommend Affilorama.

Affilorama is run by Mark Ling, and what you get with him is a ton of great free training with paid training available if that’s something you’re interested in.

Get in there and check it out. You have nothing to lose with Affilorama if you want to learn affiliate marketing.

Full Disclosure

Also, for the sake of full disclosure, I wanted to share this information. As I was writing the review below, I created several iterations as I, personally, went through Project Breakthrough. Both Vick and Jason visited this review during that time.

Jason reached out to me personally on more than one occasion. First, he offered to pay for the first month of my upsells for Project Breakthrough. I respectfully declined.

The second time, he offered me a job writing for his brands which I graciously accepted.

Jason has a heart for helping people and I have experienced that firsthand.

Original Project Breakthrough Review

This is not the original review that I started to write here. >>> You can find that here. <<< That is a PDF of my original review. I was a HUGE SKEPTIC until Day 6.

Review Overview

Because Project Breakthrough is 14 days long, on about Day 6, it became apparent that I wouldn’t be able to continue updating this ONE blog post for all 14 days. I was trying to do a day-by-day update, but it was just too much. I honestly didn’t believe that I would make it through the entire course. I figured I would find enough reasons by about Day 4 to bail. As a result, I had to restructure my review to make it more easily digestible for my readers. As it was, it was more than 3,000 words and counting. For the duration of the 14 days, I continued to write daily updates in addition to taking notes. All of this including the course handouts are available to you as well here. I feel it is essential to this review that you have access to that evolution.

I had every intention of writing a scathing review of Project Breakthrough because I’d seen Vick Strizheus in action before and I was terribly unimpressed mainly because he was 15 minutes late for a webinar that I’d stayed up past my bedtime to attend and proceeded to blather on about nothing important. How dare he!!! He was apparently out of sorts that night. Either way, he was finished in my book before he had begun. I felt he had disrespected my time with his lateness, and I don’t have much but my time.

The morning after the webinar, I began Googling this obviously horrible Internet Marketer only to find that I was RIGHT! He’s a con man and scammer! Google said it, so it must be true! He’s a scammer who is ripping people off and lining his pockets with their hard-earned dollars. There was no way he was going to get mine! I’m better, faster, smarter, stronger. 😛 I happen to like the guy who referred me to both the webinar and this course or this review would not exist. You can meet him in the comments below. Trust me, I made him earn his buck fifty before I agreed to give this a shot. Poor guy.

I was wrong about this course in the beginning, and I think I misunderstood who this course is actually for.

Who This Course Is For

You can find opposition to Vick Strizheus in many places online. I feel that’s one reason he partnered with Jason McClain. Jason adds a lot of credibility to his cause. I really think this is where these guys get caught up in the negativity and people yelling “scammer”: while they have a clear idea of who their target audience is, some of their audience does not, myself included. Vick describes his audience on Day 4: 

35-50 year old male who works a day job that he’s not enjoying. Trying to make money online selling someone else’s product, but is not getting results. Confused, frustrated, and overwhelmed, he still believes in the dream. He wants to make enough money to replace his $45,000 per year salary. His goal is to make $3k to $5k per month online.

I don’t fit the demographic. Do you?

This course if for someone who has, at the very least, $5,000 to invest in building a real online business. If that’s not you, then you’re going to feel scammed.

If you notice, the couple that was chosen to participate as examples throughout the course obviously had money to invest. Not only did they buy all of the up-sells, but they sank $2,000 in advertising on camera. I’m sure having capital was a requirement for them to participate.

Who This Course Isn’t For

If you’re looking for a totally free way to make money online, this isn’t the course for you. Throughout Project Breakthrough, there is near constant up-selling. Jason and Vick really push their other products and services. Wouldn’t you? I would. This is nothing new. If you are a connoisseur of YouTube, you’ll notice YouTubers do the same thing. They “up-sell” you on liking and following them on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They might even have an Amazon store of recommendations for you as well. This is an authoritative approach to Internet Marketing. They are promoting products, but the key is that they won what they are promoting. Basically, that is BOSS in the Internet Marketing world.

What’s Inside

Project Breakthrough is a 14-day commitment. You get 14 days of FREE training in video format with a list of assignments and notepad available for each day once you set up your free account. You will receive daily email reminders when your training is available each day. I am including the list of training below along with the time investment. 

  1. Intro – 33 minutes 55 seconds
  2. Day 1 – How to Build an Online Business – 42 minutes 47 seconds
  3. Day 2 – Understanding Online Marketing – 84 minutes 2 seconds
  4. Day 3 – The Quickest Way to Profits – 85 minutes 22 seconds
  5. Day 4 – Custom Campaign Blueprint – 35 minutes 25 seconds
  6. Day 5 – Secrets to an Effective Landing Page – 35 minutes 54 seconds
  7. Day 6 – Custom Funnel Creation – 91 minutes 26 seconds
  8. Day 7 – Building a Custom Video – 36 minutes 15 seconds
  9. Day 8 – Connecting the Dots – 105 minutes 56 seconds
  10. Day 9 – Pre-Flight Checklist – 46 minutes 5 seconds
  11. Day 10 – Traffic – “Lowest Hanging Fruit” – 53 minutes 47 seconds
  12. Day 11 – Activating Your Passive Income Stream – 47 minutes 21 seconds
  13. Day 12 – Becoming a Facebook Champion – 71 minutes 27 seconds
  14. Day 13 – Leveraging OPP and OPL – 27 minutes 8 seconds
  15. Day 14 – Reveal and Graduation – 62 minutes 35 seconds

Is It Worth The Time?

This course is absolutely worth the time. I have seen a TON of products including a load of Udemy courses, and this is hands-down the most high-quality material I have seen. What you have here is Internet Marketing 101 as well as a FREE course on affiliate marketing which can make you a TON of money. That by itself makes this course valuable and worth the time. If you are a complete newbie to making money online, this course will teach you the basics.

What’s unique about Project Breakthrough is that Vick and Jason don’t leave anything out. They show onscreen exactly what to do. They explain every detail. So, they give you the step-by-step procedure, but they back it up with the knowledge you need to complete the steps. You’re not left hanging with a missing piece.

You can take the basics they teach in Project Breakthrough and make money with it even if you don’t buy any of the up-sells. It will take you longer, and you’ll put in more time and work learning how to do things without their tools, but it is possible.

Is it a Scam?

If you asked me this on Day 1, my answer was, “Probably.”

I hit a turning point on Day 6 as Vick walked through how to create a Landing Page. He created a complete sales funnel with 3 different Landing Pages for split testing and 3 matching Thank You Pages in about 10 minutes using SiteSuite. SiteSuite is a tool included in High Traffic Academy which is Vick and Jason’s company that provides other paid tools and training for online businesses. I was blown away by how simple the software was and how valuable it is to Internet Marketing. It’s basically a drag and drop, what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor that builds proven sales funnels that Vick, Jason, and hundreds of other marketers use to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

You could take the steps and knowledge presented in Project Breakthrough and use it to promote ANYTHING. They just happen to teach you by showing you how to promote their products because why would they teach you promote other people’s stuff? Think about it…if you owned a car lot, and you were training someone to sell cars, would you train them using the cars on YOUR lot or the cars from someone else’s lot? It’s a no-brainer.

Now that I’ve graduated from the course, my answer is, “No, it is not a scam.” The tools and products that Vick and Jason promote starting at Day 3 are valuable, but you can do this without them. It will just be a slower process. That’s the other focus of this course. While they teach you to build your business, they attempt to show you the fastest way to profits which is through buying their products (more training) and tools. This is OPTIONAL although they do push it quite hard.

How Much Does It Cost?

Project Breakthrough is completely and absolutely FREE.

If you choose to become an HTA Elite member so that you have access to additional tools like SiteSuite and other educational materials, it will set you back $297 per month. Yes, I too, felt that was crazy expensive. I actually can’t afford it AT ALL, but once I saw what SiteSuite could do, and realized the other things available through that membership, the value was apparent. You could pay THOUSANDS elsewhere for training this good.

If you sign up for the tools such as the autoresponder, tracking tool, and spy tool, these ALL have trial accounts for 14 days or so to start so that you don’t have to pay anything at all in the beginning. After that trial period, these tools range from $15 to $19 a month.

You will need to purchase a domain name which is about $11 per year.

So in summary, you are looking at about $320 as you go through the course give or take if you choose to purchase HTA Elite, the recommended tools, and a domain name. This is the least you can spend and be able to follow the course step-by-step. 

If you have additional knowledge, and words like tracking, autoresponder, and landing page are not foreign to you, you can get by using alternative services and tools that may cost less.

How Much Can You Make?

I haven’t gotten to this point yet. I’m up against some financial challenges as of this writing, so I’m going to have to pull part of the system off on my own without the benefit of things like SiteSuite and Get Response.

Vick and Jason do everything they can to put money back in your pocket while you’re taking this course by: 

  • Paying you a commission to promote Project Breakthrough
  • Showing you how to make commissions on the tools they teach you to use like Get Response, MouseFlow, etc.

How much you make is really up to you and how well you put into practice what you learn from Project Breakthrough. On Day 14: Reveal and Graduation, they release a ton of numbers regarding the results the couple in the videos experienced. You can see most of the numbers in my notes from that day.

Get access to my notes, screen shots, etc. that I’ve put together as I’ve gone through Project Breakthrough. 

Don’t forget to subscribe using the form in the right sidebar! >>>

As always, I LOVE to hear from you, so leave me a comment below!




  1. Dub C Haynes

    Hello Peeps…

    I am Dub C Haynes.

    As you read through this review, which I asked for, you will read about a friend recommending the Project Breakthrough course and asking for an honest review…

    That is me!!! haha…

    I still stand behind HTA and the methods they use to market the academy 100%…

    Mainly because some people will not look at a life changing offer if think it cost money…

    But remember that this course is absolutely free to go through the training.

    As with anything, starting a successful business takes money.

    All businesses take money to run…

    No one will ever say as you go through the course that you can make money for free with no investment of anything but time.

    Well except me!

    That is because I believe you can invest in a persons success and when you do it enough your success will come.

    You can run traffic to this “Product” and make $1.50 per signup. Period.

    Anyone can do this with free traffic and resolve to make it happen…

    So HTA pays this $1.50 to you for sending traffic and getting a free member signup to Project Breakthrough…

    That should say something in itself…

    HTA believes in the content enough to pay for free signups…

    This course is designed to get you to commissions in 14 days flat…

    But what if you only have time to invest.. What happens then?

    Well if you have a mentor like me that is willing to invest in you then that mentor will help you get traffic and get you to the elite membership at HTA.

    By doing so you partner with HTA in getting this powerful knowledge to the people…

    Project Breakthrough is full of value and opens up a ton of revenue streams… and as you go through the course you will see real people make real money in a short period of time.

    The costs that they incurred in setting up their business and joining elite was generated in one day…

    Yes they had upfront costs as with any other business…

    So don’t expect to make it rich in 14 days if you don’t go elite and follow the program to the letter…

    But do expect to get the knowledge and tools you need to make a lot of money if you apply what you learned and do it over and over again.

    We as marketers and members of HTA know that Project Breakthrough is just the tip of the iceberg and that there are numerous programs and products to promote once you learn the process.

    Once you are a member of clickpromise network there is a page full of products to promote.. then there are numerous affiliate networks to promote products from not part of HTA and clickpromise.

    The key is to not be swayed in your resolve to be successful…

    If you want it bad enough it will happen..

    And in some cases I will help make it happen for you in the beginning until you can make it happen for yourself… that is my commitment and my promise.

    So thanks for reading and be looking for more positives and more goodness coming from this program or product or training…and from my friend if she chooses to continue…

    But whatever you want to call Project Breakthrough… it is #Awesomeness…

    It is a game changer and I do not see anything anywhere else like it…

    Project Breakthrough free training could easily be several thousand dollars plus the cost to startup your business…

    They chose to give it away for free so they could line there pockets with all your money by not letting you continue unless you pay through the paywall… haha… that was sarcasm and absolutely untrue… You can go through the training without spending a dime… But you will not be successful in a short period of time…

    I believe as they do…

    If you help enough people to success your success is set in stone…

    #ConnectWithDub and #RunWithTheBigDogs

    Y’all come see us ya here!
    Ole Dub (KingCajun)

  2. Dub C Haynes

    Hello Friends,

    ME again! Dub C Haynes

    I could not be more pleased at my good friend’s progress and change of heart!!!

    I knew she would find value in project breakthrough if she just stuck it out and gave it a chance!!!

    This is the opportunity unlike any ever created before…

    So #ConnectWithAva and she will show you the way!!!

    Great days indeed!!!

  3. rick

    can you tell me exactly how to earn the $1.50 commission per sign up?

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Rick,

      Yes, I can.

      1. Apply for a free account at ClickPromise.com
      2. Browse the Available Offers for Project Breakthrough 2.0
      3. Create your affiliate link
      4. Promote the offer

      You can promote it a number of ways:

      – Create a landing page
      – Send traffic directly with PPC
      – Write a review (like me)

      ClickPromise will track your clicks and sales and pay you via the method you choose. You can choose from Check, PayPal, and Wire Transfer. They pay the 15th of each month for sales earned the previous month.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I wish you the best. ~Ava

      1. Rick

        Hi Ava! Thank you for the reply. I just have some more questions for you. First, how do I actually create an affiliate link? What about PPC? How do I do it? Thanks.

        1. Ava (Post author)


          Sure thing.

          Getting your link can be a bit tricky. I learned by watching the correlating video in Project Breakthrough. I’m sorry, I don’t remember which day it was. Anyway, once you’re approved and you’ve added Project Breakthrough 2.0 to your Offers, you go to the My Offers tab, scroll down, and click on PB 2.0 in the list. This will open a new window. To get your link, scroll to the bottom and click Get Custom Link. Ignore all the fields and click Generate Link.

          For PPC, it depends on where you want to buy your clicks from. Google is expensive, Click Promise is expensive. Social Media like Facebook and Twitter is manageable. You can begin with small amounts. I’ve run 5-day campaigns on Facebook for just $5 and gotten a couple thousand impressions. Also try Googling a $50 coupon for Bing Ads, create a new account with them, and you’ll get a $50 credit. 50 bucks worth of free advertising and I’ve heard a lot of people doing okay with them. They are cheaper to run traffic with than Google.

          You can pretty much skip the landing page part of the process and run the traffic directly to your link, but remember this is just some quick money. If you want to build a sustainable asset for your business, I would suggest building a landing page where you can capture emails. Then send them out the link. This way, you can market to them again in the future. They’ve put several of the High Traffic Academy programs on Click Promise and you can earn 33% on those. Good luck!


      2. Sarita

        Hey Ava, great breakdown…I know you are well on your way to becoming a Millionaire…

        1. Ava (Post author)

          One can hope, Sarita! Thanks for taking the time to comment. 🙂

  4. barry


    My problem with Project Breakthrough is their dishonesty in their advertising. I have read numerous ads that say, learn how to make money online in 14 days with Project Breakthrough FREE.

    Many of the products they sell can be had for free online such as the $497. landing page. Get it free here https://www.leadpages.net/the-ultimate-list-of-free-landing-page-templates

    If you have to draw people in with dishonesty it makes me wonder what else are you hiding. Because everything I buy is owned and controlled by them.

    They use my landing page leads to build their list maybe they use it to build their bank accounts too. I would not know as only they know when your lead buys.

    Too many warning signs here for me. I don’t like it at all and think it is another scam by Vick.

    Just saying and by the way I have gone through the entire 14 videos and at graduation you don’t get a certificate you get to spend another $1900. for “those serious about their business” Come on man.

    I have a review of this program on a different website than the one listed below. Contact me if you’d like to read it.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hi Barry,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I completely understand what you are saying, and I felt the same way for a long time. They advertise Project Breakthrough as free because it is. Buying the numerous upsells is completely optional. I haven’t spent a dime.

      What I came to realize as I went through Project Breakthrough was that Vick and Jason are on a different level as marketers than I am. They have been at this a long time. As they have built their businesses, they have slowly begun to replace third party services with their own offerings. They actually mention the approach in PB. I can’t remember what day it was, but they talk about the three levels of marketing: amateur, pro, and authoritative. Amateur would be a person who promotes affiliate products. Pro would be a person who promotes products while building a list. Finally, authoritative would be a person who owns the products they promote.

      Think about it, if you had your own business…let’s say it was a gas station. If you could generate a new revenue stream for your gas station by building your own gas pumps rather than buying them, you would do it, right? I would. Vick and Jason have done the same thing.

      I agree that they laid it on thick at the end, but I got my certificate and a position in EntraLife free. Project Breakthrough taught basic affiliate marketing, and I’d challenge you to find a more professional course anywhere else free of charge. Of course they are going to use it to promote their products, wouldn’t you? I’d love to have my link in there!

      I wish you the best, Barry. I really appreciate your comment.

      Take care,

    2. billy

      Hello Barry….
      Any information you can forward me would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Tomas Bishop

    What is up Ava? I wanted to know if you would be interested in a link exchange to help improve our search engine rankings

    I will insert your homepage link naturally in one of my existing articles and you can do the same for me.

    It would be like guest posting without having to do any writing. You can email me at [email protected]

  6. Anonymous

    I used to follow Vick and I used to believe him. Most of his ideas last for two months. I still remember giving him those $500 two years ago. He promised back then that he would give us access to all these new CPA systems and Magic Suite that he was going to develop. Two years later, he completely changed it and told us that he would carve our names into a rock for those $500 because we were founding members of High Traffic Academy. Come on, for $500? Carve my name into a rock that I will never see.

    Project Breakthrough funnel lasted for two months and they shut it down. Most likely because it was not profitable. It was impossible for anyone to make money as the recordings were a scam. They used a pre-warmed list for the recording. That’s why they were profitable. If you contacted ClickPromise to buy the super expensive clicks, they warned you that you might not get the same conversions as the couple on the video.

    The only profitable funnel that Vick created was Big Idea Mastermind because he promised $10k in 30 days and people believe him so they upgraded. He never finished the $10k to 30 days funnel though so you would never get to the end of the course. You’d get maybe the first 5 videos that would not definitely get you to $10k lol. I think Jason should stay away from him, if he wants to keep his good reputation.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and leave your thoughts and experience. What do you mean, Project Breakthrough is shut down? It’s still live for me. You make some interesting points and I cannot dispute them because I don’t know Vick personally and I haven’t given him a dime. I went through Project Breakthrough, but I did not buy the upsells. I felt there was value in the course as far as understanding affiliate marketing, but I don’t feel the method shown in the course is a long-term sustainable model.

      I’ve made more affiliate commissions promoting Website Magazine.

      I have had direct interaction with Jason, and I think he’s serving as reputation management for Vick. This could be good or bad. I do have a lot of respect for Jason and he sees something in Vick that I don’t. I’ll trust that for now.

    2. MT

      Yes totally agreed!!! Project Breakthrough STOPPED!!! I am a witness, but all people connected will continue see videos day by day (HOOKS)and will feel confident about them and later pay them. As Napoleon Hill says in his book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ there is no free/easy way of making money – all ‘free courses’ are just ‘HOOKS’ as Vick and Jason say.

      1. Ava (Post author)

        Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment, MT. You are completely right about the free/easy money thing. I think a lot of people, myself included in the beginning, think the Internet is indeed the way to free/easy money. For some people that certainly seem to be the case. Because it’s a cheaper way to start a business because you don’t need capital for a brick and mortar location, people don’t approach it like a real business. They approach it as something they can manipulate for profit, and it just doesn’t work like that. From all that, they adopt the idea that it’s a free and easy way to make money if you can just find the right formula, magic button, or guru system.

        Project Breakthrough was never aimed at those people or newbies, but those people were attracted because of the FREE price tag. There was some valuable content in Project Breakthrough, but there was also a lot of hype and hoopla…or hooks as you say.

        You know, I’ve got my little affiliate links and stuff around here, but I’m not looking to “hook” anyone. It would really just trip my trigger if I actually helped someone on their journey to independence. I’d rather find my fortune with you than to find it by ruining you financially. That’s how I want to run and build my business.

  7. Jonathan Jenkins

    Nice review of Project Breakthrough – I agree that it was very high-quality and detailed training. It’s a shame they haven’t kept it going, as I thought it was a great lead magnet! I do think there should have been some cheaper upsell options, but as you say, once you understand the method involved, you can replicate it with other tools,



    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hey Jon,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. I appreciate your kind words regarding my review. I received an email yesterday that they retired Project Breakthrough altogether. I’m with you, I think it’s a shame as well. A lot of time and money went into to creating that course and it was a great resource.

      I think breaking into Internet marketing should be more of a stepped process regarding the upsells. Even though their “avatar” was people who had money to invest in starting a new business, putting out a FREE course attracted a completely different audience. I’m willing to invest in my online business for sure, but I don’t have $10K up front to do it. I feel the program would have been more effective if the upsell were the next step up from Project Breakthrough to go to the next level rather than all of the high-end upsells.

      Anyway, it was an interesting experience. It is not a business model that I am seeking to replicate. Thanks again for your comment.

      Best Regards,

  8. Corrisa Malone

    I wondered what happened to Project Breakthrough. I guess Vick didn’t fulfill his obligations with that program. It makes me nervous to be promoting his “new” baby, the Four Percent Group.

    I definitely see his vision of where he wants to go with this program and is the reason why I’m promoting it, although not heavily at the moment. I will see what becomes of it (it’s still in pre-launch).

    I highly recommend Affilorama too. Top notch program that you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing without spending a dime.

    1. Ava (Post author)

      Hey Corrisa. Thanks for commenting. Yeah, they discontinued Project Breakthrough. Jason held a webinar (really just a conference call), and informed the High Traffic Academy user base that he hadn’t heard from Vick in weeks and he indeed wasn’t keeping up his end of things. Jason is currently bearing the brunt and trying to clean up the large mess that was created as a result. A lot of people paid a ton of money to be involved in all that. I wouldn’t promote anything Vick does, but that’s just me. I wouldn’t promote any of it really. Having been through the Project Breakthrough thing and seeing ZERO success from it. I’m just a blogger, and that’s what I want to be. You can make a TON of money blogging. All these sales funnels and crap just don’t do it for me. I don’t like them, so why would I want to create them?

      I guess what I’m trying to say is that I want to make money in a way that is fulfilling to me, and sales funnels and all that BS just isn’t. I want to help people and write stuff. It would awesome to get paid in the process. In fact, that’s my lottery, so that’s where I’m at. I wish you the best on all of your future endeavors.


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