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The best things in life are free! I’ve been subscribed to Website Magazine for well over a year now. I receive both the Digital and Print editions 12 times a year. If you run a website or are involved in Internet Marketing in any way, you can benefit from this FREE magazine. It’s actually one of the most intellectual and well-put-together magazines I’ve ever read.

What’s In An Issue

Each month, you’ll receive around 40 pages of articles and more on the following topics:

  • Web Design & Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Search Marketing & Optimization
  • Monetization
  • Practical E-commerce Information

I always find tools and information inside that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I primarily read the Print edition and everything is linked with easy short links AND QR codes so I can check it out as I’m going through the current issue. Website Magazine also puts out a number of white papers and ebooks that are always available free on their Resources page (find out more below under White Papers).

You’ll get no fluff. While there a few advertisements in the mag, they are very non-invasive and many of them are for Website Magazine assets. In addition, you’ll notice some less-traveled advertising opportunities with the periodical itself and companies like 7search. The magazine is a monthly graphical masterpiece as well. The images and graphics are second to none. I’m using the February 2016 issue to construct this review. To give you an idea of the type of content you’ll receive, I’m going to take you with me as I thumb through.

On the Cover

website magazineThe cover always makes me want to thumb through Website Magazine. There’s been a couple times when I really didn’t have time to read and I’ve contemplated tossing it the trash since I can read it online, and I just couldn’t do it. On the cover, there’s always an interesting image, a list of this month’s best articles, and a QR code so you can scan it with your phone and view the issue online immediately. I love that they use QR codes because I really think it’s an underused technology that anyone can utilize.

Table of Content

Have you ever bought a magazine for one or two articles? You open the first few pages expecting to find them quickly with the TOC, but there’s not one. Sometimes the TOC is such a jumbled mess of advertisements and other crap, that it’s completely useless. With WM, you’ll get a run-down of what’s inside, page locations of the regular departments, you’ll find the feature article with a huge page number front and center at the top, and another QR code to open the Digital edition on your device.

Letter From the Editor

Each month, there is a detailed letter from the editor, Pete Prestipino. Pete introduces each issue and highlights the articles and features for the month. This page also has the other information about the magazine including the contributors and email contacts for various editors and departments.

Net Briefs

Net Briefs are a few pages of small chunks of newsy information from around the Internet. These digestible chunks bring you up to speed on various topics with just a quick glance.

website magazine net briefs

Stat Watch

Data is beautiful and who doesn’t like statistics? If you’ve been online for any period of time, then you know it is constantly changing. Keeping your ear to the ground for those changes can keep you ahead of the game. Making adjustments to your business is how you stay relevant online. This magazine has some great numbers. You get new stats every month on things like Mobile, Search, eCommerce, and so much more.


The departments don’t stop there, but the articles begin, so I wanted to include a few headlines so you could see what the content is like in brief. First, I’m going to list the remaining departments, and then I’ll give you some the article titles in this issue.


In addition to the departments above:

  • Enterprise Ready
  • Small Business Lab
  • Quiz Time
  • Top 50
  • E-Commerce Express
  • Mastering Search
  • Insights on Analytics
  • Design and Development
  • Email Experience
  • Mobile Matters
  • Conversion Corner
  • Software Everywhere
  • Social Media Mavens
  • Affiliate Insider
  • Net Advertising
  • Web Commentary

That’s quite a list, huh? You can really see how this magazine has something for everyone no matter where your focus is with your website. At the same time, it allows you to stay abreast of what is happening in other aspects of Intenet Marketing.

If it sounds like something you’d be interested Website Magazinein, click the banner at the top of this article ^ or the Get The Digital Scoop button over here –>>>


Check out these headlines from the February 2016 issue:

  • Top Needs Driving the Need for Global Content
  • Ready, Set, Go! 1-Hour SEO
  • Digital Ad Domination
  • Leading Networks for Digital Publishers & Online Advertisers
  • 2016 Search Strategies for Savvy SEOs
  • Warning Signs Your Marketing Isn’t Data Driven
  • 7 UX Design Trends to Watch for in 2016
  • ‘Net Engagement Considerations for the Relationship Age
  • Why Mobile Site Search Matters and How to Do It Well
  • Tactics for Managing a Virtual Workforce

That’s not all of them! Even if you don’t see something that grabs you (what’s wrong with you!?!), I encourage you to go check it out for yourself. You can read the latest issue online right now.

White Papers

WM puts out dozens of white papers every year and they list a good number of them inside their magazine with links and/or QR codes so you can check out the ones that interest you. I’ve included a few titles below. There is an extensive Resource page at the website where you will also find: webinars, videos, ebooks, a directory and a job board.

  • Business Intelligence: Generating Dollars from Analytics Change
  • Make This Website Redesign Your Last
  • Digital Experience Platforms, Q4 2015
  • Selecting the Right Chat Vendor


Website Magazine is one of those resources that really knows how to pack in the value. Their business model really resonates with me and what I’m trying to do here with

Offer a TON of value to my readers and take care of myself on the backend.

To that end, the banners you see in this article are affiliate links. I receive $2 for every sign up that results from this website. I hope you see this has a two-fold purpose:

  1. Make a few bucks
  2. Give you something that you can use to make a few bucks

That’s right! You can apply to be an affiliate and promote this great FREE resource yourself. So, you get an awesome free magazine and a way to make money all at the same time.

Website Magazine

I’d love to hear from you if you subscribed. Please feel free to comment if you decide to promote Website Magazine. I’d be happy to share you links and help you out! Don’t forget to subscribe to so you don’t miss anything using the form in the right sidebar >>>.


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